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Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 1 Frederick E. Crowe, Dialectic and the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises - 1
Philip McShane, The Psychological Present of the Academic Community - 27
Joseph Flanagan, Transcendental Dialectic of Desire and Fear - 69
Robert Doran, The Theologian's Psyche: Notes toward a Reconstruction of Depth Psychology - 93
Bernard Tyrrell, On the Possibility and Desirability of a Christian Psychotherapy - 143
Sebastian Moore, Christian Self-Discovery - 187
Frederick Lawrence, Political Theology and 'The Longer Cycle of Decline' - 223
Matthew L. Lamb, The Production Process and Exponential Growth: A Study in Socio-Economics and Theology - 257
Bernard Lonergan, Religious Knowledge - 309
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 2 Joseph A. Komonchak, History and Social Theory in Ecclesiology - 1
Quentin Quesnell, The Foundations of Heresy - 55
David W. Tracy, Theological Models: An Exercise in Dialectics - 83
Joseph Flanagan, Culture and Morality - 109
Robert M. Doran, Dramatic Artistry in the Third Stage of Meaning - 147
Bernard J. Tyrrell, Christotherapy and the Healing/Transformation of Communal Consciousness with Special Reference to the American Consciousness - 201
Frederick Lawrence, 'The Modern Philosophic Differentiation of Consciousness or What Is the Enlightenment? - 231
Matthew L. Lamb, Methodology, Metascience, and Political Theology - 281
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 3 Frederick E. Crowe, An Exploration of Lonergans New Notion of Value - 1
Cathleen Going, Persons as Originating Values: A Primer (Reader) from
Lonergans Thought on the Topic of Values - 25
Joseph F. Flanagan, The Self-Causing Subject: Intrinsic and Extrinsic
Knowing - 33
Philip McShane, An Improbable Christian Vision and the Economic
Rhythms of the Second Million Years - 53
Sebastian Moore, The Language of Love - 83
Charles Mulligan, Pastoral Theology: Can There Be an Institutional
Format for Praxis? - 107
Bernard J. Tyrrell, Dynamics of Christotherapy and the Issue of a
De Jure Psychotherapeutic Pluralism - 125
Michael Vertin, Philosophy of God, Theology, and the Problem of Evil - 149
Bernard Lonergan, A Post-Hegelian Philosophy of Religion - 179
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 4 Michael Vertin, Dialectically Opposed Phenomenologies of Knowing:
A Pedagogical Elaboration of Basic Ideal-Types - 1
Richard J. Cassidy, The Ethics of Jesus, Christ-Centered Ethics and
Lonergans Method - 27
Robert M. Doran, Suffering Servanthood and the Scale of Values - 41
Arthur L. Kennedy, A Hope Embodied in Story: Flannery OConnors
Vision - 69
Sebastian Moore, Original Sin, Sex, Resurrection and Trinity - 85
William Reiser, The Primacy of Spiritual Experience in Theological
Reflection - 99
Philip Boo Riley, Theology and/or Religious Studies: Bernard
Lonergans Option - 115
Nancy C. Ring, Language, Prayer, and the Dynamics of
Transformation - 141
Bernard J. Tyrrell, Christian Imagination and Christian Prayer - 167
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 5 Frederick E. Crowe, Son and Spirit: Tensions in the Divine Missions? - 1
Robert M. Doran, Primary Process and the Spiritual Unconscious - 23
Tad Dunne, Faith, Charity, Hope - 49
Matthew L. Lamb, The Dialectics of Theory and Praxis within
Paradigm Analysis - 71
William Mathews, Intellectual Conversion and Science Education - 115
Sebastian Moore, The New Life - 145
James Robertson Price III, Lonergan and the Foundation of a
Contemporary Mystical Theology - 163
Stephen Happel, Whether Sacraments Liberate Communities:
Some Reflections upon Image as an Agent
in Achieving Freedom - 197
Charles C. Hefling, Redemption and Intellectual Conversion: Notes
on Lonergans Christology Today - 219
Fred Lawrence, Basic Christian Community: An Issue of Mind and
the Mystery of Christ - 263
Emil Piscitelli, The Fundamental Attitudes of the Liberally Educated
Person - 289
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 6 Patrick H. Byrne, The Fabric of Lonergans Thought - 1
Robert M. Doran, From Psychic Conversion to the Dialectic of
Community - 65
Toby Foshay, Bernard Lonergan and James Joyce: Literature as
De-Conversion - 109
Frederick G. Lawrence, Elements of Basic Communication - 127
Philip McShane, Systematics, Communications, Actual Contexts - 143
Hugo Meynell, A Pseudo-Problem of Communication and Understanding - 175
Mark D. Morelli, Reversing the Counter-Position: The Argument
ad Hominem in Philosophic Dialogue - 195
John Navone, The Promise of Narrative Theology: A Strategy of
Communication - 231
Bernard Tyrrell, Psychological Conversion, Methods of Healing, and
Communication - 239
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 7 Patrick H. Byrne, Mystery and Modern Mathematics - 1
Frederick E. Crowe, An Expansion of Lonergans Notion of Value - 35
Robert M. Doran, Duality and Dialectic - 59
Peter Drilling, Preaching: A Mutual Self-Mediation of the Word of God,
a Preacher, and a Congregation - 85
Charles C. Hefling, Jr., The Meaning of God Incarnate according to
Friedrich Schleiermacher: or, Whether Lonergan is
Appropriately Regarded as A Schleiermacher for our
Time, and Why Not - 105
Glenn Hughes and Sebastian Moore, Hamlet and the Affective Roots
of Decision - 179
Thomas J. McPartland, Meaning, Mystery, and the History of
Consciousness - 203
Kenneth R. Melchin, History, Ethics, and Emergent Probability - 269
Quentin Quesnell, Pinning Down the Meaning - 295
Terry J. Tekippe, The Crisis of the Human Good - 313
Bernard J. Tyrrell, Feelings as Apprehensive-Intentional Responses
to Values - 331
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 8 Patrick H. Byrne, Insight and the Retrieval of Nature 1
Frederick E. Crowe, Insight: Genesis and Ongoing Context 61
Joseph Flanagan, Insight: Chapters 1-5 85
Glenn Hughes and Sebastian Moore, The Affirmation of Order:
Therapy for Modernity in Bernard Lonergans
Analysis of Judgment 109
Kenneth R. Melchin, Ethics in Insight 135
Hugo Meynell, How Right Plato Was 149
Sebastian Moore, The Forming and Transforming of Ego: An
Explanatory Psychology of Soteriology 165
Hamish Swanston, On First Reading Insight 191
Michael Vertin, Lonergans Three Basic Questions and a
Philosophy of Philosophies 213
Michael Vertin, Knowing, Objectivity, and Reality: Insight and
Beyond 249
Quentin Quesnell, What Kind of Proof is Insight 19? 265
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 9 Tad Dunne, Imaginal Theologies of History 1
Ann Johnston, Spirit and Mission of the Faithful Remnant: A Study
of Community in the Isaiah Scroll 25
William Mathews, Lonergans Apprenticeship 1904-46: The Education
of Desire 43
Philip McShane, Mission and Spirit: Questions of Probability and
Providence 89
James R. Pambrun, Lonergan and Ricoeur: Emerging Colmplementary
Philosophical Approaches for Theological Views of Science 99
Eduardo Perez Valera, The Structure of Christian Prayer and Its
Integration with the Sciences 145
Nancy Ring, Intentionality Analysis, the Church, and Womens
Spirituality 195
Louis Roy, Grace, Mediation and Liturgical Orientations 209
Walter L. Ysaac, Doing Theology in the Philippine Context 225
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 10 Patrick H. Byrne, Teleology, Modern Science and Verification 1
Frederick E. Crowe, All my work has been introducing history into
Catholic Theology 49
Joseph Flanagan, Where the Late Lonergan Meets the Early Heidegger 83
Mary Ann Glendon, Knowledge Makes a Noisy Entrance: The Struggle
for Self-Appropriation in Law 119
Glenn Hughes, The Drama of Living, and Lonergans Retrieval of
Transcendence 145
Joseph A. Komonchak, Lonergans Early Essays on the Redemption
of History 159
Matthew L. Lamb, Historicity and Eternity: Bernard Lonergans
Transpositions and Differentiations 179
Frederick Lawrence, Lonergans Foundations for Constitutive
Communication 229
Sebastian Moore, Spirituality and the Primacy of the Dramatic Pattern
of Living 279
Philip Rule, Coleridge, Newman, and Lonergan: Conscience and
Imagination in the Moral Argument for Gods Existence 297
David W. Tracy, Bernard Lonergan and the Return of Ancient Practice 319
Pierre Robert, Interview with Lonergan 333
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 11 Glenn Hughes, Image, Symbol, Cosmopolis: Art and the Critical Role
of Culture 1
Paul Kidder, Still Life and Landscape: The Sacred in Secular Attire 21
Paul Kidder, Painting as Spiritual: The Philosophical and Pedagogical
Tasks 35
Richard Liddy, What Bernard Lonergan Learned from Susanne K.
Langer 53
Sebastian Moore, In Water and in Blood 91
John Ranieri, Question and Imagination: Eric Voegelins Approach 105
Pierre Robert, Question on the Fifth Level and the Processes of the
Spiritual Subject 145
Philip C. Rule, Another Thing Needful: Reason, Feeling, and Imagination
in 19th-Century Literature 165
Hamish Swanston, Development and the Imagining Subject in Method 179
Colleen Keene Webster, Complacentia boni and the Mission of the
Church 213
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 12 Sr. Prudence Allen, Metaphysics of Form, Matter, and Gender 1
R. Michael Clark, Byway of the Cross: The Early Lonergan and
Political Order 27
John E. Coons/Patrick Brennan, The Idea of a Descriptive Equality:
Lonergan Explains Jefferson 45
Leon Hooper, John Courtrney Murray on Legitimate and Needed
Social Plurality 77
Paulette Kidder, Marriage: Debating Justice in the Family 95
Michael McCarthy, Liberty, History, and the Common Good:
An Exercise in Critical Retrieval 111
Sebastian Moore, Critical and Symbolic Realism:
Lonergan and Coleridge 147
Mark D. Morelli, Affinities of Lonergan and Voegelin 179
Michael P. Morrissey, Voegelin, Religious Experience and Immortality 199
Brendan Purcell, Universal Viewpoint and Universal Viewpoint and
Universal Humanity: Attunement or Discord in the
Philosophies of Voegelin and Lonergan? 227
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 13 David B. Burrell, Human Freedom as Response 1
David B. Burrell, Medieval Jewish, Islamic, and Christian Perspectives
on Love and Will 7
David B. Burrell, The Structure and Rhythms of Love in Today's World 13
Frederick E. Crowe, Complacency and Concern in the Risen Life 17
Mark J. Doorley, Resting in Reality: Reflections on Crowes
Complacency and Concern 33
Robert M. Doran, Complacency and Concern and a Basic Thesis
on Grace 57
Jean-Marc Laporte, The Motion of Operative and Cooperative Grace:
Retrievals and Explorations 79
Robert P. Lewis, Limits, the Illimitable, and the Disciplined Imagination:
George Eliots Middlemarch 95
Michael H. McCarthy, Early Christianity and the Public Realm:
Troeltschs Distinctions of Gospel, Kingdom, and World 115
Hugo A. Meynell, Enlightenment: Old and New 127
Sebastian Moore, The Doxology of Joy 141
Elizabeth M. Morelli, Reflections on the Appropriation of Moral
Consciousness 161
Michael Vertin, Lonergans Metaphysics of Value and Love: Some
Proposed Clarifications and Implications 189
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 14 Jeanne Belair, The Contribution of the Nurse to the Human Good 1
Michael Paul Gallagher, Contexts and Horizons of Desire: Sebastian Moore's Contribution to Fundamental Theology 59
Dorothy Judd Hall, The Meditative Path: 'The Monk and the Poet Are One' 73
Charles Hefling, Grace, Christ, Redemption, Lonergan (In That Order) 99
Matthew Lamb, An Analogy for the Divine Self-Gift 115
Kevin McGinley, Intersubjectivity, Groups, and Common Life 155
Sebastian Moore, Where the Spirit of the Lord Is, There Is Freedom 173
Elizabeth Murray Morelli, Ressebntiment and Redempotion 197
Louis Roy, Paul Ricoeur's Philosophy of Desire 229
Michael Shute, Economic Analysis within Redemptive Praxis: An Achievement of Lonergan's Third Decade 243
Carla Mae Streeter, Theological Categories: The Transposition Needed for Comparative Theology 265
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 15 David B. Burrell, Beyond Onto-Theology: Negative Theology and Faith 1
Paul Kidder, Modern Architecture and Ignatian Vision 13
Joseph Komonchak, Authority and Its Exercise 27
William Mathews, Understanding the Author as Artist: Composing INSIGHT 43
Michael McCarthy, Critical Christian Renewal 77
Kenneth Melchin, What Is Democracy, Anyway? A Discussion between Lonergan and Rawls 99
Mark Morelli, Authentication of Common Sense from Below Upwards: Mediating Self-Correcting Folk Psychology 117
Francesca Murphy, Images and Witnesses 141
Phyllis Wallbanik, Reflections on the Future of Education in Light of Montessori and Lonergan 173
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 16 Michael Vertin, Is There a Constitutional Right to Privacy? 1
Frank Braio, The 'Far Larger' Work of INSIGHT's Epilogue 49
David Burrell, Theology and Philosophy 67
Ivo Coelho, 'Ed Judaeus et Graecus e Methodo': The Transcendental Mediation of Christian Meanings and Values in Lonergan 83
Dorothy Judd Hall, Snapshots of a Holy Man: Harvard Professor William Alfred 107
Sean McEvenue, Scholarship's Impenetrable Wall 121
Tom McGrath, Foundations, the Subject of Psychology, and Science 139
Sebastian Moore, The Body Speaks and God Is a New Language 153
William Murnion, Method in the Arts and Sciences 173
Giovanni Sala, Kant's Theory of Knowledge 199
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 17 Frederick E. Crowe, The Future: Charting the Unknown with Lonergan 1
Robert M. Doran, Reflections on Method in Systematic Theology 23
David Burrell, From Analogy of 'Being' to the Analogy of Being, 53
Richard J. Cassidy, The Conversions of Paul in Light of Lonergan's Theory of Conversion 67
Joseph Fitzpatrick, Bernard Lonergan: Educationist and Philosopher 85
Charles C. Hefling, About What Might a 'Girard-Lonergan "Conversation"' Be? 95
Paul Kidder, The Future of American Cities 125
Michael McCarthy, Authority, Autonomy, and Authenticity 143
Sebastian Moore, What God Has Joined and Man Has Put Asunder 163
Giovanni Rota, From the Historicity of Consciousness to the Ontology of the Person 175
Giovanni Sala, The Encyclical Letter of Pope John Paul II, Fides et Ratio: A Service to Truth 197
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 18 'Leaping': A Poem by Dorothy Judd Hall vi
'The Poet': A Poem by Patricia Benzmiller viii
Paul St. Amour, Kierkegaard and Lonergan on the Prospect of Cognitional-Existential Integration 1
John Dadosky, The Sacred as Real: Eliade's Ontology of the Sacred and Lonergan's Philosophy of God 63
Charles Hefling, Over Thin Ice: Comments on 'Gratia, Grace and Gratitude' 87
Christine Jamieson, To Begin Anew: Reflections on Freedom, Destiny and Ethics in the Work of Bernard Lonergan and Julia Kristeva 121
Paulette Kidder, Derrida and Lonergan on the Gift, 139
Michael Maxwell, Lonergan's Critique of Aristotle's Notion of Science 155
Jerome Miller, Historicity and Normative Order 189
Sebastian Moore, A Word for Sexual Desire 203
James Pambrun, Theology, Philosophy, and Interiority: Experience Speaks to Experience 225
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 19 Peter Bisson, The Postconciliar Jesuit Congregations: Social Commitment Constructing a New World of Religious Meaning 1
Kevin Burke, Reflections on Ignatian Soteriology: The Contribution of Ignacio Ellacuria 37
Richard Cassidy, The Models of Avery Dulles and Some References to Lonergan 51
Ivo Coelho, Francis Xavier, Lonergan, and the Problem of Missions Today 61
Robert M. Doran, Ignatian Themes in the Thought of Bernard Lonergan: Revisiting a Topic That Deserves Further Reflection 83
Glenn Hughes, Gerard Manley Hopkins and Lonergan's Notion of Elemental Meaning 107
Paul Kidder, Thinking with Fr. Richardson 137
Colin J. Maloney, Ignatian Discernment from Lonergan's Perspective 149
Robert Miner, Collingwood and Lonergan on Historical Knowledge 197
Gilles Mongeau, Trivium Pursuit: Lonergan on Aquinas 211
Elizabeth Murray, Joyful Sorrow 225
Neil Ormerod, What Really Happened at Vatican II - A Response to O'Malley and Schloesser 235
Roman Siebenrock, Gratia Christi, the Heart of the Theology of Karl Rahner: Ignatian Influences in the codes DE GRATIA CHRISTI (1937/38) and Its Importance for the Development of His Work 251
Michael Vertin, The Finality of Human Spirit: From Marchal to Lonergan 267
Joo Vila-Ch, The Transformation of Consciousness: Walter J. Ong and the Presence of the Word in the Making of Culture 287
Nikolaus Wandinger, Raymund Schwagfer, S.J.: Dramatic Theology 325
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 20 Philip Berryman, Consilience? Edward O. Wilson, Lonergan, and Other Proposals for the Unity/Differentiation of Knowledge 1
Patrick Byrne, Foundations of 'The Ethics of Embryonic Stem Cell Research' 17
David Coghlan, Action Research as a Method of Praxis 71
M. Shawn Copeland, Edging (Toward) the Center 87
John Dadosky, 'Centering the Church': A Development in Ecclesiology Based on Balthasar and Lonergan 93
Robert Doran, Envisioning a Systematic Theology 105
Charles Hefling, Another Perhaps Permanently Valid Achievement: Lonergan on Christ's (Self-)Knowledge 127
Joseph Komonchak, Lonergn and Post-Conciliar Ecclesiology 165
Greg Lauzon, Emerging Probabilities and the Operators of Musical Evolution 185
Paul LaChance, Theology as Praxis in Augustine's CONFESSIONS: A Community Founded on the Humanity of Christ 197
Richard Liddy, Startling Strangeness: A Memoir 233
Michael McCarthy, Toward a Catholic Christianity: A Personal Narrative 253
Gregory Maillet, 'At the still point' where 'there is only the dance': Logos, Lonergan, and T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets, 271
Hugo Meynell, 'A Perhaps Not Numerous Center' 295
Mark Morelli, Going Beyond Idealism:
Lonergan's Relation to Hegel 305
William Murnion, Shankara and Aquinas: A Case Study in Comparative Ethics 337
Gerard Whelan, Robert Doran and Pastoral Theology: Reflections from Nairobi, Kenya 357
Phyllis Wallbank, The Adolescent and the Use of the Philosopher Lonergan's Questions 391
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 21 Alison Benders, Beyond MySpace: Grounding Postmodern Identity in Lonergan's Interiority Analysis 1
Peter Bisson, General Congregation 35: The Jesuits and a Corporate Use of the Fifth (Religious) Level of Meaning: The Discovery of Love 17
David Burrell, Autonomous Reason versus Tradition-directed Inquiry: Mulla Sadra, Lonergan, MacIntyre, and Taylor 33
Patrick H. Byrne, What is OUR Scale of Value Preference? 43
Eileen de Neeve, Lonergan's Economic Ideas Today: Functional Distinctions in Spending, the Pure Cycle of Innovative Growth, the Good of Order, and the Baseball Diamond 65
Robert M. Doran, Preserving Lonergan's Understanding of Thomist Metaphysics: A Proposal and an Example 85
Philip Egan, Lonergan's Early Short Papers and Devotional Works 103
Paul Kidder, Robert Moses and the Common Good 125
Robert Luby, Upstream Medicine 145
Gregory Maillet, Breathing Back: Lonergan, Literary Creativity, and the Spirit of the Lord 179
Colin Maloney, Faith and Lonergan 193
William Mathews, The Idea of a University, Reductionism, and Lonergan on Emergence 241
Michael McCarthy, Conversion 263
Elizabeth Murray, The Second Moment of Intellectual Conversion 277
Jon Nilson, Beyond Moral Suasion: Reading METHOD IN THEOLOGY in 'Racist America' 295
David Oyler, Potency and Structure 303
Paul St. Amour, On the Validity of Extrinsic Causality in Proofs for the Existence of God 313
Cloe Taddei Ferretti, Leaving Self-Centeredness: Lonergan and Cognitive Science on Art 349
Raymond Topley, Meeting Lonergan's Challenge to Educators 369
Nikolaus Wandinger, Imnplicit Theology, Authentic Subjectgivity, and Karl Rahner's 'Anonymous Christian' 383
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 22 Editor's Prefatory Note / i
Patrick Byrne, The Figure of Galileo / 1
Ivo Coelho, SDB, Religious Experience and Expression in Lonergan / 39
Valter Danna, The Development of Bernard Lonergan's Notion of Science / 65
Rosanna Finamore, University and Meaning/ 93
Arthur Kennedy, Integrating History into Catholic Theology: Christopher Dawson and Bernard Lonergan, SJ / 127
Richard Liddy, Ignatius, Lonergan, and the Catholic University / 153
Michael McCarthy, Practical Wisdom, Social Justice, and the Global Society / 171
Michael McLaughlin, Lonergan and Interreligious Dialogue -- Testing Lonergan's Philosophy of Religion: The Case of Sri Aurobindo / 193
Thomas McPartland and George Shields, Lonergan and Process Philosophy / 209
William Mathews, SJ, Influences of the Gregorian University on Lonergan: 1933-1940, The Accidents of a Life / 249
Hilary Anne-Marie Mooney, Following the Back of God: A Reflection on Lonergan's Notion of Mystery / 277
Saturnino Muratore, SJ, Emergent Probability and the Anthropic Principle / 291
William Murnion, Lonergan's The Incarnate Word and The Triune God: Experiments in Theological Method / 303
Hermann Pottmeyer, Bernard Lonergan's Analysis Fidei of 1952 -- The Transition from Classical to Concrete Method / 377
Francisco Quijano, OP, Desire in Quest of an Object / 385
Giovanni Rota, The Historicity of Consciousness and the Ontology of the Person / 399
Louis Roy, OP, Rahner's Epistemology and Its Implications for Theology / 421
Phyllis Wallbank, The Philosophy of International Education / 441
Giovanni Sala, SJ, Lonergan on the Virtually Unconditioned as the Ground of Judgment / 457
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 23 Editor's Introduction / iii
David Burrell, C.S.C., When Faith and Reason Meet: The Legacy of John Zahm, C.S.C / 1
Patrick H. Byrne, What Is an Evolutionary Explanation? Darwin and Lonergan / 13
Jennifer Clark, Two Lungs or Two Diverging Roads? Methodological Challenges to Union between the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Churches/ 59
Ivo Coelho, S.D.B., From Person to Subject: Lonergan's Methodological Transposition as Upper Blade for Reading Sankara / 83
Peter Corbishley, Aristotle, M.A.K. Halliday, and B.J.F. Lonergan: Toward a General Theory of Language for Language Teachers / 119
Robert M. Doran, S.J., Sanctifying Grace, Charity, and Divine Indwelling: A Key to the Nexus Mysteriorum Fidei / 165
William P. George, International Law as Horizon: An Invitation to Collaboration / 195
Richard M. Liddy, A Catholic Core Curriculum / 227
Robert Luby, M.D., Method in Medicine for the Age of Syndromes and Genomes / 245
Alfredo Mac Laughlin, A Typology of Moral Conversion / 227
William Mathews, S.J., On Memoir, Biography, and the Dynamism of Consciousness / 307
Brian McDonough, Revisiting Catholic Social Doctrine / 329
Thomas J. McPartland, The Critique of History and the Pure Line of Progress: Lonergan's Legacy / 363
Kenneth R. Melchin, Three Challenges in Christian Ethics / 379
Kenneth R. Melchin, Lonergan and the Social Sciences: Some Preliminary Reflections / 389
Mark D. Morelli, Consciousness Is Not Another Operation / 401
Gordon A. Rixon, S.J., The Ignatian Presupposition as a Methodological Ground for Collaboration / 413
Paul St. Amour, Situating Lonergan's Economics in a Context of Collaboration / 423
Charles T. Tackney, Asian Anticipations of Cosmopolis: Participation and Distribution Decisions in Japan's Industrialization System after World War II -- Evidence of Conversion and Workplace Evangelization / 445
Gerard Walmsley, S.J., Becoming Creative Collaborators: Polymorphism/Mutual Mediation of Functional Specialties / 477
Lauren E. Weis, Lonergan's Thought May Mediate Concerns about Gender Bias / 495
Kathleen M. Williams, R.S.M., Objectified Conversion as Foundational in Theology: A Conversation between Rosemary Haughton and Bernard Lonergan, S.J. / 513
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 24 Editor's Introduction / iii
Patrick H. Byrne, Intelligibility and Natural Science: Alienation or Friendship with the Universe? / 1
Ivo Coelho, S.D.B., Retrieving Good Work: De Smet on Sankara / 33
David Coghlan, S.J., From Individual Insight to Collective Action: Lonergan's Wheel as a Framework for Organizational Learning / 75
Steven D. Cone, Religious Conversion as Foundational for Reversing Decline / 89
Robert M. Doran, S.J., Functional Specialties for a World Theology / 99
Richard Grallo, Re-framing Applied Psychology in Terms of Self-Transcendence: Selected Challenges, Problems, and Prospects / 113
Grant Kaplan, Widening the Dialectic: Secularity and Christianity in Conversation / 133
Paulette Kidder, Cosmopolis and Cosmopolitanism / 169
Robin Koning, S.J., The Human Person in Wojtyla and Lonergan / 187
Christian Krokus, Louis Massignon's Secret of History Read in the Light of Bernard Lonergan's Law of the Cross / 203
Michael McCarthy, An Ethics of Authenticity: Personal and Communal / 227
Francis M. McLaughlin, John Rogers Commons: Are His Thoughts Important in Teaching Modern Labor Economics? / 267
Gilles Mongeau, S.J., A More Cosmopolitan Salvation: Aquinas, Formation for Beatitude, and the Cross / 287
William E. Murnion, Faith and Reason in Aquinas / 303
Donna J. Perry, Beyond Negotiation: Combatants for Peace and Authentic Subjectivity in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict / 339
Matthew Petillo, Identifying and Naming Religious Consciousness in a Friendly Universe / 385
Maury Schepers, O.P., The Structure of the Human Good: An Exercise in Personal Appropriation (Reaching up to the Mind of Lonergan) / 395
R. J. Snell, Sloth Transposed: The Friendless Universe / 407
Charles T. Tackney, John R. Commons, Heinrich Pesch, and Bernard J.F. Lonergan: Three Seminal Thinkers on the Working Rules of the Going Concern and the Illusion of Free Enterprise / 421
Jeremy D. Wilkins, Grace in the Third Stage of Meaning: Apropos Lonergan's "Four-Point Hypothesis" / 443
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 25 LONERGAN WORKSHOP, volume 25

The Mind and Heart of Hope

Proceedings of the 38th Annual Lonergan Workshop, June 2011, Boston College

Edited by Fred Lawrence

Editors Introduction / iii

David Burrell, C.S.C., Lonergan on the Human Good in an African Idiom / 1

Patrick H. Byrne, Moral Value, Personal Value, and History / 13

Patrick Daly, MD, The Possibility of Hope / 53

Robert M. Doran, S.J., The Theological Virtues and Participation in Active and Passive Spiration / 85

Richard Grallo, Expanding Horizons of Question and Insight: Some Conditions and Correlates of Personal Development / 95

Paul Kidder, Joseph Flanagan and the Philosophical Hermeneutoic of Modern Art / 109

Greg Lauzon, Lamenting at the Abattoir: Meditations through Rhythm / 127

Robert Luby, MD, Restorative Medicine: Defensive Schemes and Re-emergent Probability / 139

William Mathews, S.J., Windows on Living, Writing, and Reading the Self / 169

Francis M. McLaughlin, Communicating with Economists / 193

Mark T. Miller, Conversion as Life, Death, and Resurrection / 211

Gilles Mongeau, S.J., The State of Grace and the Law of the Cross: Further Insights into Lonergan from Ren Girard / 237

Joseph C. Mudd, Church Penitent: A Sacramental Re-imaging of Church in a Time of Crisis / 253

Elizabeth A. Murray, The Classical Question of Immortality in Light of Lonergans Explicit Metaphysics / 269

L. Matthew Petillo, Love and Light: A Hypothesis regarding Lonergans Four-point Hypothesis / 283

Randall S. Rosenberg, Meaning, Language, and the Mystery of the Human Person: A Conversation with Walker Percy and Bernard Lonergan / 305

Michael Shute, Lonergans Economics and the Catholic Social Justice Tradition / 333

Luca Sinibaldi, The Polymorphism of Consciousness as a Higher Viewpoint on Modern Philosophy / 349

R. J. Snell, Performing Differently: Lonergan and the New Natural Law / 365

Paul St. Amour, Income Inequality and the Problem of the Basic Expansion / 389
Lonergan Workshop, Vol. 26 LONERGAN WORKSHOP, volume 26

The Promise of Vatican II after Fifty Years

Proceedings of the 39th Annual Lonergan Workshop, June 2012, Boston College

Edited by Fred Lawrence

Editors Introduction / iii

Brian Braman, We All Have Feet: Authentic Dwelling and Architecture / 1

Patrick H. Byrne, The Unity of Science, the Universe, and Humanity for Teilhard and Lonergan / 21

Victor Clore, Dialectic Communications: Contrary Catholics, Black on White, Drifters and Searchers / 71

Ivo Coelho, SDB, In Some Sense Transcendent or Supernatural: Making Sense of an Anomaly in Chapter 20 of Insight / 107

Robert M. Doran, S.J., Moving Vatican II Forward: The Multi-Religious Context / 127

Evaristus O. Ekwueme, SJ, Beyond Inter Mirifica (Vatican II) and a Lonerganian View of Information Technology / 139

Charles Hefling, On Understanding the Hypostatic Union / 157

Robert Imbelli, Receiving Vatican II: Renewing the Christic Center / 187

Christine Jamieson, The Ethical Challenges of Medicine Today: Drawing on the Wisdom of Vatican II / 211

Paul LaChance, Recourse to Psychology within the Vocational Journey: Vatican II and Post-Conciliar Documents / 223

William Mathews, SJ, Self-Appropriation in the World of Meaning: Work in Progress / 249

Michael McCarthy, Reforming the Church, Redeeming the World / 237

Francis McLaughlin, Reflections on Bernard Lonergans Macro Theory, Catholic Social Teaching, and Ethics / 295

Neil Ormerod, The Needed Renewal of Systematic Theology / 323

John J. Ranieri, Faith in Search of Belief: Thoughts on Tolstoys Religious Conversion / 339

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The Hermeneutics of Reform and Renewal

Proceedings of the 40th Annual Lonergan Workshop, June 2013, Boston College

Edited by Fred Lawrence

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