Lonergan Resource is devoted to Lonergan Studies sponsored by the Marquette Lonergan Project. It is a sister website to Bernard Lonergan Archive, which only contains primary materials from Lonergan’s own papers and audio tapes of his lectures

Lonergan Resource is a repository of secondary-source materials that could prove to be valuable for Lonergan Studies. It will include major papers and articles on Lonergan, recordings of major lectures and conferences, and longer monographs that are either republished from books or composed for this website itself. In every instance, permission has been obtained from the original author or speaker, and notice of copyright has been indicated. The persons primarily responsible for the creation of this site are Robert M. Doran, S.J., and Greg Lauzon.

Since the passing of Robert Doran in 2021, Joseph Ogbonnaya has stepped into the role of director for the Marquette Lonergan Project. He was a student of Robert Doran and has written about him and Bernard Lonergan. Joseph Ogbannaya Faculty Profile

Collaborators include the Lonergan Research Institute, Toronto and the Boston College Lonergan Institute, Lonergan Workshop. John Dadosky of Regis College, Toronto and Darren Dias of St. Michael’s College assist the organizers in a consultative fashion.