Robert M. Doran: 2001 Unified Field Structure Opening lecture in Fall 2001 course on Theology of History, Regis College, used also for Faculty Seminar, October 2001.
Robert M. Doran: 2002 Lonergan Workshop Unified Field Structure A lecture by Robert Doran on the unified field structure for systematic theology presented at the Lonergan Workshop, Boston College, 2002. Some comments appear that are not in the PDF paper, especially picking up on remarks by David Burrell in an earlier lecture the same day. A second recording provides a discussion following the lecture.
Robert M. Doran: October 2002 Lonergan Research Institute Seminar on Unified Field Structure Robert Doran conducted a seminar under the auspices of the Lonergan Research Institute on October 10 2002, drawing on the paper he had presented at Boston College in June of that year and anticipating his inaugural Lonergan Lecture at Regis College on November 1 2002. This seminar was recorded by Greg Lauzon, and the audio recording is available on the site. Daniel Monsour responded to Doran, and a PDF document with Monsours comments is also available. The interchange is followed in a second MP3 file (part 2) by a discussion among the participants in the seminar. Doran refers to the seminal discussions held at the Institute surrounding these issues in What Is Systematic Theology?
Robert M. Doran: November 2002 Lonergan Event on Unified Field Structure The inaugural Bernard Lonergan Lecture in Systematic Theology, sponsored by Lonergan Research Institute, Toronto, November 1 2002. The lecture concluded the first annual Lonergan Event sponsored by the Institute while Robert Doran was Director. In the afternoon Greg Lauzon had introduced the compact disc project of the Institute, which subsequently has evolved into the audio recordings available on this website and on The evening was devoted to the lecture. The site contains this lecture in PDF and MP3 formats.
Robert M. Doran: November 2002 First Edition Unified Field Structure The first edition of the paper written to be delivered as the Inaugural Lonergan Lecture, Regis College, Toronto, 1 November 2002.
Robert M. Doran: Unified Field Structure Prepared for Lonergan Workshop Publication A version of the paper on the Unified Field Structure prepared for publication in Lonergan Workshop, in an issue that has not appeared.
Robert M. Doran: Unified Field Structure Prepared for Essays in Systematic Theology A revised version of the paper on the Unified Field Structure prepared in the fall of 2009 for inclusion in the E-book on this site, Essays in Systematic Theology, where this paper is the twelfth paper in the book.
Robert M. Doran: Reception and Elemental Meaning The lecture Robert Doran delivered at the Lonergan Workshop, Boston College, in 2003, Reception and Elemental Meaning. The recording includes the discussion that followed the lecture. The PDF is the text created after the lecture from that text which Doran read, which had many handwritten corrections. A related paper of the same name was later published in Toronto Journal of Theology, and that paper is presented on this site in a revised version as one of Dorans Essays in Systematic Theology.
Robert M. Doran: Empirical Consciousness in Insight: Is Our Conception too Narrow? A paper delivered at the 2004 West Coast Methods Institute, Loyola Marymount University, and eventually published in The Importance of Insight, ed. John J. Liptay, Jr., and David S. Liptay (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2007) 49-63.
Robert M. Doran: Convocation Address An address delivered by Robert M. Doran at the Regis College Convocation, University of Toronto, 13 November 2004. The College was celebrating the centenary of Bernard Lonergans birth. David Tracy had delivered the Chancellors lecture the previous evening. The lecture addresses Lonergans contributions to the issues of dialogue, confronting fundamentalism and terrorism, and love in a Trinitarian context.
Robert M. Doran: Why Lonergan? Robert Doran delivered the keynote address at the opening of the Bernard J. Lonergan Institute, Seton Hall University, 16 November 2006. The paper reviews many Lonergan-related projects around the world, and speaks to the question of the growth of the Lonergan movement, resistance to Lonergans work, Lonergans legacy, the Ignatian character of Lonergans commitment, the reconstruction of philosophy and theology, and the collaboration of Lonergan Centers around the world.
Robert M. Doran: Lonergan Research Institute Seminar 'Complicate the Structure' Audio recording of the proceedings of a Lonergan Research Institute seminar conducted on 1 October 2004 by Robert M. Doran, at Regis College, Toronto. The text of the paper on which the seminar was based is "'Complicate the Structure': Notes on a Forgotten Precept," which may be found on this site under Scholarly Works / Books / Essays in Systematic Theology / Essay 15.

The proceedings are in two files: the first a presentation by Doran and response by Michael Vertin, and the second an open discussion of the paper.
Robert M. Doran: Regis College Faculty Seminar on 'Reception and Elemental Meaning' Audio recording of a faculty seminar at Regis College, Toronto, by Robert M. Doran: On January 14, 2004, Robert Doran conducted a seminar on his paper 'Reception and Elemental Meaning,' which had been presented the previous summer at the Lonergan Workshop at Boston College. That paper is available in this sequence of lectures, and a revised version may be found on this site under Scholarly Works / Books / Essays in Systematic Theology.

Responding to Doran at the seminar were Bernard Arputhasamy, graduate student, and Margaret Lavin, faculty member at Regis. Their comments and an open discussion are available here as well. There are two files, the first with Doran's presentation and the responses, the second with the discussion.
Robert M. Doran: Ignatian Themes in the Thought of Bernard Lonergan An audio recording of Robert Doran's first presentation of the material entitled 'Ignatian Themes in the Thought of Bernard Lonergan,' delivered as the first lecture in a series of lectures at Regis on Ignatian Theologians. The text of the lecture may be found on this site at Scholarly Works / Books / Essays in Systematic Theology, where it is Essay 18.

The recording was made by Greg Lauzon.
Robert M. Doran: An Interview with Robert Doran at the 2006 An audio recording of an interview with Robert Doran conducted by Dorothy Cummings at the first Lonergan on the Edge meeting, Regis College, Toronto, August 13, 2006
H. Daniel Monsour: Harmonious Continuation of the Actual Order of this Universe in God's Self-Communication On November 13, 2003, Daniel Monsour of the Lonergan Research Institute conducted a seminar entitled Harmonious Continuation of the Actual Order of This Universe in God's Self-Communication, with a response by Robert Doran, and an open discussion among participants. An audio recording of that seminar is here offered in two files.
Mark Morelli: Fides et Ratio: The Final Chapter A Paper Presented to the Faculty of Loyola Marymount University November 1999 by Mark D. Morelli, Professor of Philosophy, Loyola Marymount University. The paper addresses the final chapter of Pope John Paul II's encyclical FIDES ET RATIO, entitled 'Current Requirements and Tasks.'

Tad Dunne: Next Revolution in Ethics Aquinas Lecture, Siena Heights University, Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Tad Dunne: How a Christian Watches the News and Prays An address given at Concordia University, Montreal, March 26, 2009. Clarifications were added based on comments from the conference attendees.
Robert M. Doran: What Does Bernard Lonergan Mean by 'Conversion'? From Robert M. Doran: 'My presentation is divided into the following points: (1) Authenticity, Self-transcendence, and Conversion; (2) General Points on Conversion; (3) Conversion as Religious, Moral, Intellectual, and Psychic; (4) Conversion from and Conversion to; (5) Religious Conversion from and to; (6) Moral Conversion from and to; (7) Intellectual Conversion from and to; and (8) A Word about Psychic Conversion.' The lecture opened a one-week intensive course on Lonergan under the direction of Darren Dias of St. Michael's College.

The lecture is available in both mp3 audio format and as a PDF document file.
Robert M. Doran: Two Ways of Being Conscious: The Notion of Psychic Conversion
Robert M. Doran: Trinitarian Elements in a Theology of Religion: A Tribute to Frederick E. Crowe On November 18, 2011, Robert M. Doran delivered the 2011 Chancellor's Lecture at Regis College, University of Toronto. The lecture was entitled "Trinitarian Elements in a Theology of Religion: A Tribute to Frederick E. Crowe." The lecture is available here in PDF and MP3 audio format.
Robert M. Doran: The International Institute for Method in Theology: A Vision This lecture was delivered by Robert M. Doran at the Spring Lonergan Colloquium at Marquette University, March 30, 2017. With this lecture the new International Institute for Method in Theology was launched. The Institute is a project jointly sponsored by the Marquette Lonergan Project, the Lonergan Research Institute of Regis College in the University of Toronto, and the Faculty of Theology at the Gregorian University, Rome.