Sep 20-21, 2019
Lonergan on the Edge 2019
Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI

Available contributions from this conference:
  1. Cecille M. Medina-Maldonado, Overcoming Biases and Treating Female Infertility: NaPro Technology and Artificial Reproductive Technology
  2. Benjamin J. Homan, From Props to Players: Recognizing the Creaturely Cast in the Theodramatics of History
  3. Ogonna Hilary Nwainya, Bias Conversion and Recognition: Contextualizing Lonergan's Theology in Post-Genocide Rwanda
  4. David Justice, Suffering as Conversion: White Supremacy in MLK's Theology through the Lenses of Lonerganian Bias and Conversion
  5. Zac Karanovich, (Mis)Understood Values: Rural, White American and the Barriers to "Becoming Black"
  6. Taylor Nutter, Technology in the Classroom and Consumerism
  7. Dr. Steven Cone, "Bias" and "Conversion" in Lonergan's Thought
  8. Stephen Calme, Seeking Communal Authenticity: Jose Medina's Work as a Step Toward Lonergan Collective Responsibility
  9. David Rohrer Budiash, Dramatic Bias and "What you See Is All There Is": A Conversation Between Daniel Kahneman and Bernard Lonergan
  10. Liam Farrer, "Together as On People": Hearing God's Call to Conversion from Clericalism to Solidarity
  11. Dr. Juli Vazquez Krivsky, Wisdom as Self-Surrender and our Identity in Christ
  12. Dr. Jen Sanders, A Theology of Bias, Conversation, and Conversion: Trinitarian Insights and Pedagogical and Liturgical Applications
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