Jun 20-25, 2010
Lonergan Workshop 2010
Boston College

Available contributions from this conference:
  1. Pat Byrne, Tribute to Joe Flanagan
  2. Robert M. Doran, Functional Specialties for a World Theology
  3. John Haughey, The Brain and the Mind in a Friendly Universe
  4. Armando Rugarcia, The Two Judgements, The Two Metaphysics
  5. Richard Grallo, Cognitional Moral Self-Transcendence in Applied Psychology
  6. Steven Cone, Religious Conversion as Foundation for Reversing Decline
  7. Mathew Petillo, Identifying and Naming Religious Consciousness
  8. Michael McCarthy, An Ethics of Authenticity: Personal and Communal
  9. William Mathews, The Self in Dialogue with Society
  10. R. J. Snell, Sloth Transposed: The Friendless Universe
  11. Francis McLaughlin, John Rogers Commons: Are His Insights Important in Teaching Modern Labor Economics
  12. Robin Koning, The Knowing of the Acting Person: Wojtyla and Lonergan on the Human Person
  13. Angel Lamuno Gonzalez, Verbum Revisited
  14. Patrick Byrne, Intelligibility and Natural Science: Alienation or Friendship with the Universe
  15. Donna J. Perry, Beyond Negotiation: Combatants for Peace and Authentic Subjectivity in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  16. Gilles Mongeau, Dispatches from Cosmopolis: Faith, Human Formation, and the Love that Reasons
  17. Paulette Kidder, Cosmopolis and Cosmopolitanism
  18. Chae Young Kim, William James and Bernard Lonergan On Religious Conversion
  19. Christian Krokus, Examining Louis Massignon's (1883-1962) Secret of History in the light of Lonergan's Law of the Cross
  20. Ivo Coelho, SDB, Retrieving Good Work: De Smet on Sankara
  21. John Dadosky, Who/What is/are the Church(es)?
  22. Grant Kaplan, Widening the Dialectic: Secularity and Christianity in Conversation
  23. Jeremy Wilkins, My One Companion is Darkness: Light and Darkness in the Passion of Christ
  24. Joseph Mudd, Giving Thanks: Sacraments in a Friendly Universe
  25. Paul LaChance, The Development of Autonomy in a World Constituted by Meaning
  26. William E. Murnion, Aquinas on Faith and Reason
  27. Maury Schepers, The Structure of the Human Good: Getting It Right
  28. Hilary Mooney, Moral Self-Transcendence: Perspectives from Europe, Past and Present
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