Mar 30-31, 2017
Marquette Lonergan Project Colloquium: International Institute for Method in Theology
Marquette University

The Marquette Lonergan Project colloquium officially announced the formation of the International Institute for Method in Theology, a shared effort between the Marquette Lonergan Project, the Lonergan Research Institute at Regis College in the University of Toronto, and the Gregorian University, Rome.

The International Institute for Method in Theology is a research institute devoted to sponsoring and promoting collaborative international research efforts in five fields: systematic theology; philosophy; the economics of globalization; the establishment of an ecological culture; and the promotion of critical realist practices in the retrieval of Christian and other religious sources.

The Institute was founded to honor a dream of the Rev. Bernard Lonergan.

Available contributions from this conference:
  1. Robert M. Doran, The International Institute for Method in Theology - A Vision
  2. Brian Bajzek, Is Lonergan Open to the Other? Methodological Reflections on New Stages and Differentiations
  3. Lucas Briola, The Church's Role in Reversing Ecological Decline: Reading Laudato Si' with Bernard Lonergan
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