Sep 23-24, 2016
Lonergan on the Edge 2016
Marquette University

Available contributions from this conference:
  1. Jonathan Heaps, Grace Before Nature: The Theorem of the Supernatural, Nicene Orthodoxy, and Methodological Naturalism
  2. James Lee, From Symbolik to Einheit: Recasting the Legacy of Johann Adam Möhler through Yves Congar
  3. Benjamin Hohman, Augustine's Conversation(s): An Engagement with Epistemologies of Conversion in Augustine's Confessions
  4. Sara Hulse, The Mind of a Child: G.K. Chesterton on the Nature of Reason
  5. Andrew Vink, White Privilege: From Blame to Collective Responsibility and Creative Healing
  6. Jonathan King, Hans Urs von Balthasar and Nineteenth Century Swiss Catholic Culture
  7. Robyn Boere, Moral Evil and the Evil of Fault: Terminology in Insight Compared with De verbo incarnato
  8. Aaron Pidel, Erich Przywara, Vatican I, and the Analogia Entis
  9. Jennifer Newsome Marin, Grant Kaplan, Jeremy Wilkins, Panel: The Spirit of Vatican I? Reversing the Optic of Mid-Century Theology
  10. Ryan Hemmer, From Metaphor to Metaphysics: Newman’s Organism and Tradition's 'Nature'
  11. Stephen Lawson, Erik Peterson and the Struggle for a Catholic Interpretation of History
  12. Liam Farrer, The Joy of Bias: How Newman, Lonergan, and Metz Can Help Address the Radical-Traditionalist Criticisms of Amoris Laetitia
  13. Justin Schwartz, In Aid of Applying Vatican II: Newman's Influence on Lonergan's Concretizing of Theological Method
  14. Jay Martin, The Twilight of What is Conscious: Lonergan and the Theological Horizon of Freud's Discovery
  15. Brian Bajzek, The Image of God in the Face of the Other - M. Shawn Copeland Presentation
  16. Eric Mabry, Plenary Address: Amor Habet Rationem Primi Doni: Matthias Scheeben and the Prospect for a New Starting Place in Pneumatology
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