Sep 11-12, 2015
Lonergan on the Edge 2015
Marquette University

The audio proceedings of the 2015 session of "Lonergan on the Edge" at Marquette University, along with PDFs of some of the papers, are here presented. Thanks to Greg Lauzon for recording and processing the audio materials.

Available contributions from this conference:
  1. Brian Bajzek, Intersubjectivity, Illeity, and Being-in-Love: Lonergan and Levinas on Self-Transcendence
  2. Sam Granger, On Being Beautiful: How all Judgments are Aesthetic Judgments
  3. Aaron Tyler McCoy, 3rd Annual M. Shawn Copeland Presentation: Beyond Prayers and into Understanding: Lonergan's Pathway to Healing in the Wake of Charleston
  4. Liam Farrer, Seeking the Interior Fire: A Lonerganian Reading of Bonaventure of Bagnoregio
  5. Matthew Koronczok, Atheism and Authenticity
  6. Andrew Vink, Poverty as a Theological Category: A Synthesis of Latin American Liberation Theology, Lonergan, and Doran
  7. Eric Mabry, Novus Modus Existendi Aliquo: Is the Invisible Mission of the Word Truly a Mission or Simply a Fitting Appropriation?
  8. Jonathan Heaps, Statistically Ordered: A Scheme for the Metaphysics of "Normal"
  9. Anne Carpenter, Balthasar and the Lonergan on Remembering the Tradition: A Problem of Time
  10. Susan Wood, Catherine Clifford, John Dadosky, Eugene Schlesinger, Panel: Lonergan and the Church in Our Time
  11. Susan Wood, Catherine Clifford, John Dadosky, Eugene Schlesinger, Panel Q&A: Lonergan and the Church in Our Time
  12. Christopher Krall, Conversion through Revelation: An Exploration of the Metaphysics, Epistemology and Neuroscience of Divine Revelation
  13. Greg Lauzon, A Talking Rosetta Stone
  14. Justin Scharwtz, Bridging the Chasm with Lonergan: Theological Method for the Sake of Communicating with Ordinary People
  15. Tom McAuley, The Challenge of Bringing Clarity to the Developing Global Field of Water Ethics: Help from Bernard Lonergan
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