Apr 08-10, 2010
West Coast Methods Institute
Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles

The 25th Annual Fallon Memorial Lonergan Symposium

Available contributions from this conference:
  1. Neil Ormerod, Reframing Theology Into The Categories Of Meaning
  2. Jeremy Blackwood, The Four Point Hypothesis As Relational
  3. Thomas Whaling, Divine Self-Awareness In Christ: Lonergan And Low Christologies
  4. Randall Rosenberg, Christ's Knowledge On The Cross: A Conversation With Lonergan And Balthasar
  5. Nick Olkovich, Beyond Radical Particularism: A Lonerganian Response To S. Mark Heim's 'Pluralistic Inclusivism'
  6. Joseph Mudd, Why Sacraments? Bernard Lonergan And Contemporary Sacramental Theology
  7. John Dadosky, The Beautiful, The Sublime And Intentional Consciousness
  8. Paul Kidder, Method In The Madness Of West Coast Architecture
  9. Matthew Sanders, The Privileged Frame Of Reference And The Primary-Secondary Doctrine
  10. Francisco Galan, The Relevance Of Ernst Tugendhat's Project Of Formal Semantics For Metaphysics Of Proportionate Being
  11. Patrick Brown, Insight As Palimpsest: The Economic Manuscripts In The Text Of Insight
  12. William Mathews SJ, Appropriating Our Core Desires: Progoff And Lonergan On Psyche, Finality, Growth, And Introspection
  13. James Marsh, Self-Appropriation, Polymorphism, And Differance
  14. Macon Boczek, 'Leaps In Being' In History
  15. Thomas McPartland, Revolutions: Progress Or Decline?
  16. Glenn 'Chip' Hughes, The Bolshevik Revolution And The Longer Cycle Of Decline
  17. Jen Kendall, Dramatic Residue: When Human Persons Become Mere 'Extras' In The Human Drama
  18. Robert Doran SJ, Social Grace
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