Apr 03-05, 2008
April 3-5, 2008, West Coast Methods Institute
Loyola Marymount University

The 23rd Annual Fallon Memorial Lonergan Symposium

Available contributions from this conference:
  1. Thomas McPartland, Classicism: The Utility and Limits of an Ideal Type
  2. Glenn 'Chip' Hughes, Integration of Realms of Meaning, and Personal Integrity: Exploring the Connections
  3. Jaime Barrera Parra, Scholasticism After Classicism: Theologus Quaerens Intellectum Methodum Quaerentem
  4. Daniel Mayer, The Form of Distinction and the Transition from the Classic to the Post-classic Outlook
  5. David Legg, Lonergan’s Post-classical Universe: A Response to Cultural Change
  6. Francisco Galan, What Can We Say About Sensible Perception? Zubiri, Heidegger, and Lonergan
  7. David Oyler, Neural Architecture and the Emergence of Extroverted Consciousness
  8. Paul St. Amour, A Reassessment of Insight 19
  9. Lubos Rojka SJ, Personal (Intellectual) Integrity and Lonergan’s Argument for the Existence of God
  10. Michael Vertin, Properly Situating Philosophical Arguments for God
  11. Robert Doran SJ, Spontaneity, Autonomy, and Cultural Critique: A Meeting Point for Lonergan and Girard
  12. Mirela Oliva, Lonergan and Gadamer on Philosophy
  13. Elizabeth Murray, The Will after Classicism
  14. John Dadosky, Recovering Beauty in the Subject: Balthasar, Kierkegaard, and Lonergan
  15. William Mathews SJ, The Idea of a University, Reductionism, and Lonergan
  16. Lance Grigg, Reconstructing Foundations in Education
  17. Taylor Black, The Struggle Against Bias
  18. James Marsh, Self-appropriation, Contemplation, and Resistance
  19. Hugo Meynell, Conversion and Persons: Two Terminological Difficulties
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