Jan 02-06, 2007
Third International Lonergan Workshop
Erbacher Hof, Mainz, Germany

The recordings of this event were made and restored by Greg Lauzon. Director of Lonergan Workshop: Fred Lawrence. Director, Peter Reifenbach. Studienleiter, Stephan Loos.


Available contributions from this conference:
  1. Nikolaus Wandinger, Dramatic Theology as an Exercise in Foundations
  2. Cardinal Karl Lehmann, Welcome and Greetings
  3. Robert M. Doran, SJ, Being in Love with God: A Source of Analogies for Theological Understanding
  4. Hilary Mooney, Artistic Meaning and the Search for Truth
  5. Antonio Siena, Vico, Lonergan und die Idee einer neuen Wissenschaft
  6. Michele Tomasi, '...They blame greed. But the prime cause is ignorance...': Die Wirtschaftsanalyse von Bernard Lonergan im Dienste der wahren Entwicklung des Menschen
  7. William Murnion , Intellectual Honesty in Aquinas and Lonergan, Lonerganians and Thomists
  8. Andrew Beards, A Future for Analytical Philosophy? Lonergan's Challenge
  9. Thomas Schärtl, The Forming of Religious Convictions--Personal Insight: A Bridge between Wittgenstein and Lonergan
  10. Frank Budenholzer, SVD, Reflections on the Concept of Emergence
  11. Lubos Rojka, SJ, Is Lonergan's Argument for the Existence of God a Good Cosmological Argument?
  12. Cloe Taddei Ferretti, The Interplay of Science and Philosophy in INSIGHT
  13. Raymond Topley, Bernard Lonergan: Teacher's Aid!
  14. Alessandro Clemenzia, L'esperienza della Grazia in Agostino (Conf. VIII, 12.28-29) e Lonergan
  15. Rosanna Finamore, Consciousness and Intentionality. The Dynamisms of the Subject in Time and History
  16. Natalino Spaccapelo, SJ, Sigmund Freud in Lonergan's Insight
  17. Giovanni Sala, SJ, Kant und die Theologie--eine kritische Lonergan'sche Sichtung
  18. Holger Zaborowski, Durch echtes Leben und seinen radikalen treuen Vollzug: Zu Martin Heideggers philosophischem Selbstverständnis
  19. Philippe Fluri, Making Sense of the International Security System
  20. Neil Ormerod, Integrity and its Lack: The Impact in Trinitarian Theology
  21. William Mathews, SJ, Kant and Narrative Selfhood in Lonergan's Quest
  22. Sean McEvenue, Interpreting Inspired Texts
  23. Mark Doorley, The Spiritual Exercises of Judgment
  24. Jeremy Wilkins, Authenticity in Trinitarian Theology: De Trinitate and De Deo Trino
  25. Carla Mae Streeter, OP, Insight's Conjugate Forms and Holiness
  26. Gilles Mongeau, SJ, Lonergan and Girard: A First Glance at Convergences
  27. Macon Boczak, Lonergan's 'Being-in-Love' Fully Reveals the Religion of Christ: A Phenomenological Prolegomenon to Rahner's Thesis on the Anonymous Christian
  28. Alexander Lohner, Das Verhältnis von Gewißheit und Wagnis im Glauben bei Peter Wust
  29. João Vila Cha, SJ, Redlichkeit und Gehorsam zur Wahrheit: Erik Peterson vor der Sache der Theologie
  30. Lucio Guasti, Insight, Content and Curriculum
  31. Peter Drilling, How Lonergan's Method in Theology Provides the Interpretive Key to Contemporary Christian Ministry
  32. Robert Pen, SDB, Communication as Sharing of Meaning & Values: Lonergan's Proposal for a Philosophy of Communication
  33. Grant Kaplan, Lonergan's Theology of Revelation: A Voegelinian Reading
  34. Thomas McPartland, Lonergan's Critique of Historical Reason
  35. Gerard Whelan, SJ, Unfinished Business in Insight: The Dialectic of History in Bernard Lonergan and Robert Doran
  36. Francisco Arenas-Dolz, Lonergan's Hermeneutics and Spanish Phenomenology
  37. Thomas Schmidt, Glauben und Begründen. Überlegungen zum Begriff der religiöse Überzeugung im Anschluss an Hegel und Brandom
  38. Various Speakers, Open Discussion
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