Aug 01-06, 2004
Second International Lonergan Workshop
Toronto, Regis College

The Second International Lonergan Workshop was held at Regis College, Toronto, August 1-6, 2004, under the direction of Fred and Sue Lawrence and in collaboration with the Lonergan Research Institute, Toronto. The lectures were recorded by Greg Lauzon, who then improved the sound of the recordings. We are happy to present the proceedings of this wonderful week.

Available contributions from this conference:
  1. Fredrick E. Crowe, The Here and Now of Lonergan’s Thinking: A Study of Contexts
  2. Moira Carley, Learning and Living: The Role of Imagination
  3. Ryoko Tamura, The Self-Appropriation of the Knower and Education in Japan
  4. Phyllis Wallbank, The Unchanging and Changing Adolescent and Lonergan
  5. Ivo Coelho, Lonergan’s Method: A Proposal for Implementation
  6. Gilles Mongeau, The Mutual Self-Mediation of Religion and Culture in Theology
  7. William Mathews, Describing Consciousness: Reflections on the Elusiveness of Mind
  8. Daniel Monsour, Imaginable Data for Understanding What It Is to Understand
  9. Paul St. Amour, Lonergan’s Intellectualist Anthropology: Reflections on the Concreteness of the Desire to Know
  10. Joseph Fitzpatrick, Lonergan and the Analytic Tradition
  11. Terry Tekippe, Lonergan and the Future of Philosophy
  12. J. Michael Stebbins, Personal Identity and Embryonic Stem Cell Research
  13. Jim Kanaris, A Space for Difference: A Critical Appreciation of Foucauldian Hypervigilance
  14. John Ranieri, Girard, Lonergan and the Limits of Common Sense
  15. William E. Murnion, Aquinas’s Philosophy of Mind
  16. James Pambrun, Revelation and Interiority: Reflections on Frederick E. Crowe’s Theology of the Christian Word
  17. Louis Roy, Lonergan’s Distinction between Faith and Belief
  18. Robert M. Doran , System Seeking Method: Anticipating the Future of the Functional Specialty Systematics
  19. Patrick H. Byrne, Outer, Inner Peace: Authenticity in Feelings and Personal Relations
  20. Mark Doorley, The Heuristic Character of Beauty in Moral Self-Transcendence
  21. Elizabeth Murray, A Dialectic of Moods
  22. Daniel Helminiak, Spirituality as a Psychological Concern: The Missing Link between the Social Sciences and Theology
  23. In-Sook Kim, The Religious Dimension of the Psyche in the Works of Bernard Lonergan
  24. John Dadosky, Mutual Self-Mediation: An Explanatory Principal in Contemporary Systematics
  25. Kenneth Melchin, Thinking about Sublation: Exploring a Contribution to Ethics from Lonergan
  26. Natalino Spaccapelo, Some Expansions of B. Lonergan’s Anthropology
  27. Michael McCarthy, Critical Realism and the Common Good: Recovering an Indispensable Idea
  28. Thomas McPartland, Lonergan and Contemporary Democracy
  29. Carla Mae Streeter, Technology and Human Becoming: the Virtual and the Virtuous
  30. Glen "Chip" Hughes, Art and Liberty
  31. Michael Vertin, Images, Symbols, and Signs: Concrete Mediators of Human Living
  32. Sean McGrath, The Act of Insight and the Excessive Meaning of the Symbol
  33. Ladislas Orsy, Faith Seeking Action: Method for Creating Structures and Norms
  34. Greg Maillet, “It is required you do awake your faith”: Lonerganian Conversion and Shakespeare’s “The Winter Tale”
  35. Sean McEvenue, Truth and Dialectic in Interpreting Scripture
  36. Frank Budenholzer, Christian Philosophy, the Natural Sciences, and Human Dignity
  37. Saturnino Muratore (presented by Cloe Taddei-Feretti), The Category Nature/Natural: The Contribution of Bernard Lonergan
  38. Cloe Taddei-Feretti, The New Attention of Cognitive Science to the Data of Consciousness
  39. Catherine Clifford, Conversion and the Churches: A Call to Authority
  40. Tad Dunne, The Evolution in Ethics
  41. Neil Ormerod, A Dialectic Engagement with the Social Sciences in Relation to Ecclesiology
  42. Christine Jamieson, The Middle Voice and the Recovery of the Transcendent in the Work of Bernard Lonergan and Catherine Pickstock
  43. Gerard Walmsley, Globalization and Catholic Higher Education: Lonergan’s Contribution
  44. Andrez Wiercinski, Mediating Mediation: The Centrality of Verbum in Bernard Lonergan and Gustave Siewerth
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