Jun 18-23, 2006
Lonergan Workshop, 2006
Boston College

Available contributions from this conference:
  1. Robert M. Doran, Ignatian Elements in the Thought of Bernard Lonergan
  2. Kevin J. Burke, Ignacio Ellacuria
  3. John W. Howard, Peter Faber
  4. Colin Maloney, Lonergan and Ignatian Discernment
  5. Peter Bisson, The Emergence of interiority in the Society of Jesus: the Post-Conciliar General Congregations
  6. William Mathews, Lonergan's Quest
  7. Nikolaus Wandinger, Raymund Schwager, SJ: Dramatic Theology
  8. Roman Siebenrock, The Ignatian Rules of Karl Rahner
  9. Stephan Loos, European Jesuits and the Modernist Controversy
  10. Paul Kidder, Thinking with Father Richardson
  11. William J. Richardson, Response to "Thinking with Father Richardson"
  12. Frank Braio, Recollecting Fr. Vincent Potter's Project
  13. Ivo Coelho, Francis Xavier, Lonergan and the Problem of Missions Today
  14. Gilles Mongeau, Thomas Aquinas and Lonergan
  15. John Robertson, Hermeneutics, Critical Realism, and the Aims of Jesus: The Contribution of Ben F. Meyer
  16. Joao Vila-Cha, SJ, The Trans-formation of Consciousness: Walter J. Ong and the Presence of the Word in the Making of Culture
  17. Leo Serroul, Lonergan, Teilhard and the Mystical Body
  18. Glen Hughes, Gerard Manley Hopkins, SJ and Diane Quaid Poetry
  19. Richard Cassidy, Avery Cardinal Dulles SJ
  20. Neil Ormerod, Ecclesiology, History, and the Social Sciences
  21. John Haughey, The Unique Virtue That Understanding Lonergan Generates
  22. Elizabeth Murray, The Affectivity of Transcendent Will
  23. Gordon Rixon, Ignatius Loyola
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