Sep 20-21, 2013
Lonergan on the Edge 2013
Marquette University

The annual Lonergan on the Edge conference at Marquette University September 20-21, 2013. The schedule for the event can be downloaded here.

Available contributions from this conference:
  1. Chris Friel, Kenny and Lonergan on Substantial Form
  2. Erik Hesla, A "Marginal Theorem?": A Reply to Lonergan on the Necessity of Pure Nature
  3. Eric Mabry, Affections of Reason: The Influence of Aquinas on Lonergan's Early Definition of Affection
  4. Bryan Gent, Horizons and Conversions: A Set of Relations
  5. Dr. Andrea Stapleton, Contextual Theology, Meaning and Religious Communications
  6. Samuel Granger, A Tale of Two Bernards: Bernard Lonergan's Levels of Consciousness and Bernard of Clairvaux's Degrees of Love
  7. Eric Vanden Eykel, Whose Love? An Exegetical Analysis of Lonergan's Use of Romans 5:5
  8. James Mollison, Lonergan and Foucault: Toward an Intellectual Dialogue
  9. Andrew Vink, Geschichte: Systematics, and Dasein: Bringing Together Lonergan and Heidegger
  10. Jakob Rinderknecht, Lindbeck, Rahner, and Lonergan: An Apologia and, Perhaps, an Apology
  11. Dr. Jeremy W. Blackwood, Misbehavin' in the Not Numerous Center: Karl Rahner's The Trinity, Theological Method, and Liberation
  12. Panel, Grace, Consciousness, and Conversion
  13. Patrick Manning, Symbols and the Meaning of Life: On the Need for Psychic Conversion in a Post-Christian, Image-Saturated Culture
  14. Nicholas Collura, Cinematic Montage and the Act of Insight
  15. Ryan Hemmer, Pulchritude and the Political: The Dynamism of the Aesthetic Transcendental Determination in the Scale of Values and the Hope of Social Transformation
  16. Anni Maldonado Heaps and Jonathan Heaps, Functional Specialization for Scholarship in International Law: Some Suggestions regarding Mutual Challenges
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