Doran, Robert, The Triune God: Systematics on Divine Processions as Intelligent Emanations
Jeremy Blackwood, Elements of a Methodical Understanding of Eastern Christian Mysticism
Jeremy Blackwood, Lonergan and Rahner on the Natural Desire to See God
John D. Dadosky, Merton’s Dialogue with Zen: Pioneering or Passé?
John Dadosky, Healing the Psychological Subject: Towards a Fourfold Notion of Conversion
John Dadosky, Sacred Symbols as Explanatory
Leo Serroul, Lonergan and Teilhard on the Mystical Body of Christ: A Dialogue of Categories
Matthew Peters, Scotus: An Initial Lonerganian Treatment
Tad Dunne, A Philosophy of Art
Tad Dunne, Being in Love
Tad Dunne, College and the Christian Vision 2
Tad Dunne, Consciousness in Christian Community
Tad Dunne, Desire
Tad Dunne, Experience
Tad Dunne, Glossary of Ethics
Tad Dunne, Christian Theological Ethics: A Brief History
Tad Dunne, A History of Technology and the Human Condition
Tad Dunne, Generalized Empirical Method in Ethics
Tad Dunne, Method in Theology: A Summary
Tad Dunne, The Question of God
Tad Dunne, Sources of Key Terms of Lonergan
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