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In the spring semester of 2006 Robert Doran taught a graduate seminar at Regis College, Toronto, entitled “Lonergan’s Late Writings.” Participants included Jorge Zurek, Mary Jo McDonald, Ravi Michael Louis, and Joseph Ogbonnaya. The seminar was recorded by Greg Lauzon. The available materials include PDF files of the lectures and recordings of each class. The original schedule of the course prevailed through most of the semester, but a backup occurred on March 16. All scheduled writings of Lonergan’s were discussed by the end of the course.

For each class except March 16 and April 6 (when the discussion was led by Mary Jo McDonald and Ravi Michael Louis), there is a PDF of Doran’s lecture. All sessions were recorded. The proceedings are outlined as follows:

January 5:
PDF: Later Lonergan Lecture 1.pdf, 5 January 2006. Opening Comments and “INSIGHT Revisited.”
MP3: PCD 06-LLW1A: Class 1, Part 1: Intro Lecture and comments on “INSIGHT Revisited” to the end of the first paragraph on p. 5 of the lecture.
MP3: PCD 06-LLW1B: Class 1, Part 2: Further comments on “INSIGHT Revisited,” covering the remainder of “Later Lonergan Lecture 1.pdf.”

January 12:
PDF: Later Lonergan Lecture 2.pdf, 12 January 2006. “Philosophy of God, and Theology.”
MP3: PCD 06-LLW2A: Class 2, Part 1: “Philosophy of God, and Theology” to p. 3, section 6 in “Later Lonergan Lecture 2.pdf,” still part of the first lecture (“Philosophy of God”).
MP3: PCD 06-LLW2B: Class 2, Part 2: Further comments on “Philosophy of God, and Theology” covering the remainder of “Later Lonergan Lecture 2.pdf” and remainder of Lonergan’s lectures.

January 19:
PDF: Later Lonergan Lecture 3.pdf, 19 January 2006. Larkin-Stuart Lectures.
MP3: PCD 06-LLW3A: Class 3, Part 1: “A New Pastoral Theology.”
MP3: PCD 06-LLW3B: Class 3, Part 2: “Variations in Fundamental Theology.” “Sacralization and Secularization.”
“The Scope of Renewal” was not discussed due to time constraints.

January 26:
PDF: Later Lonergan Lecture 4.pdf, 26 January 2006. “Dialectic of Authority,” “Method: Trends and Variations,” “Aquinas Today: Tradition and Innovation.”
MP3: PCD 06-LLW4A: “Dialectic of Authority.”
MP3: PCD 06-LLW4B: “Method: Trend and Variations,” “Aquinas Today.”

February 2:
PDF: Later Lonergan Lecture 5.pdf, 2 February 2006. “Moral Theology and the Human Sciences,” “Self-transcendence: Intellectual, Moral, Religious,” “Mission and the Spirit.”
MP3: PCD 06-LLW5A: “Moral Theology and the Human Sciences.”
MP3: PCD 06-LLW5B: “Self-transcendence: Intellectual, Moral, Religious.” “Mission and the Spirit.”

February 9:
PDF: Later Lonergan Lecture 6.pdf, 9 February 2006. “Prolegomena to the Study of the Emerging Religious Consciousness of Our Time,” “Christology Today: Methodological Reflections,” “Healing and Creating in History.”
MP3: PCD 06-LLW 6A “Prolegomena to the Study of the Emerging Religious Consciousness of Our Time.”
MP3: PCD 06-LLW 6B: “Christology Today: Methodological Reflections.” “Healing and Creating in History” was postponed to the following week.

February 16:
Scheduled topics: “Religious Experience,” “Religious Knowledge,” “The Ongoing Genesis of Methods.”
PDF: Later Lonergan Lecture 7.pdf, 16 February 2006. PDF treats all three of these lectures, but the discussion began with “Healing and Creating in History” and then moved to “Religious Experience” and “Religious Knowledge.”
MP3: PCD 06-LLW7A: “Healing and Creating in History” (left over from the previous week). “Religious Experience.”
MP3: PCD 06-LLW7B: Questions on “Religious Experience.” Then discussion of “Religious Experience.”
“The Ongoing Genesis of Methods” was postponed till the following week.

March 2:
Scheduled topics: “The Human Good”, “Natural Right and Historical Mindedness.”
PDF: Later Lonergan Lecture 8.pdf, 2 March 2006. PDF begins with “The Ongoing Genesis of Methods,” and then treats both scheduled lectures.
MP3: PCD06-LLW8A: “The Ongoing Genesis of Methods” (left from the previous week).
MP3: PCD06-LLW8B: “The Human Good.” “Natural Right and Historical Mindedness” (discussion begun).

March 9:
Scheduled topics: “Theology and Praxis” and “Questionnaire on Philosophy: A Response.”
PDF: Later Lonergan Lecture 9.pdf, 9 March 2006. The PDF treats both scheduled papers.
MP3: PCD06-LLW9A: “Natural Right and Historical Mindedness” (continued from the previous class).
MP3: PCD06-LLW9B: “Beginning of discussion of ‘Theology and Praxis.’”

March 16:
Scheduled topic was “Philosophy and the Religious Phenomenon” but the class still used Later Lonergan Lecture 9.pdf, and “Theology and Praxis and ‘Questionnaire on Philosophy.’”
PCD 06-LLW10A: “Theology and Praxis.”
PCD 06-LLW10B: Q&A on “Theology and Praxis,” then “Questionnaire on Philosophy.”

March 23:
Scheduled topics were “Horizons and Transpositions and “A Post-Hegelian Philosophy of Religion,” but the class discussion was on “Philosophy and the Religious Phenomenon” and “Horizons and Transpositions.”
PDF: Later Lonergan Lecture 10.pdf. “Philosophy and the Religious Phenomenon.” “Horizons and Transpositions.”
PCD06-LLW11A: “Philosophy and the Religious Phenomenon.”
PCF06-LLW11B: “Philosophy and the Religious Phenomenon” (continued) and “Horizons and Transpositions.”

March 30:
PDF: Later Lonergan Lecture 11.pdf. “A Post-Hegelian Philosophy of Religion” and “Reality, Myth, Symbol.”
PCD06-LLW12A: “A Post-Hegelian Philosophy of Religion.”
PCC06-LLW12B: “Reality, Myth, Symbol.”

April 6: Oral presentations (no pdf).
MP3: PCD06-LLW13A: “Pope John’s Intention” (Mary Jo McDonald).
MP3: PCD06-LLW13B: “Unity and Plurality: The Coherence of Christian Truth” (Ravi Michael Louis).

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