Contributor Title
Robert Imbelli Receiving Vatican II: Renewing the Christie Center
Maury Schepers The Church Becoming Herself: Synonym for Communications
Michael McCarthy Reforming the Church, Redeeming the World
Victor Clore Dialectic Communications: Contrary Catholics, Black on White, Drifters and Searchers
Christian Krokus Massignon’s Indirect Influence on Lumen Gentium and Nostra Aetate
John Dadosky A Leap Forward: Mutuality, Authenticity, Collegiality and the Significance of Vatican 11
Robert M. Doran, SJ Moving Vatican 11 Forward: The Multi - religious Context
William Mathews Self-Appropriation in the World of Meaning
Grant Kaplan Beyond Continuity vs. Rupture: Vatican II as a Constitutional Text of Faith
Randy Rosenberg The Pastoral Vision of Blessed John XXIII
Kenneth Melchin Blessed Are the Peacemakers: Faith and Politics in the Early Public Life of Sargent Shriver
Timothy Shriver Sparks In Our Clods: Encounters with the Question of God
John Ranieri Vatican II and Intellectual Conversion
Jeremy Wilkins The Dereliction of Christ: Some Principles
Elizabeth Murray Passion and Conscience: Two Moments of Moral Conversion
Charles C. Hefliing By Taking the Manhood into God: Christ’s Secondary Esse as Decentralizing Act
Richard Liddy Vatican II and Intellectual Conversion
Patrick Brennan The Freedom of the Church, the Constitution of the State, and Our Contemporary Situation
Gerard Whelan Lonergan and the “Year of Faith”: Responding to Current Vatican Concerns about Postmodern Relativism
Neil Ormerod The Needed Renewal of Systematic Theology
William Murnion Telling the Truth: A Critical Analysis of Alternative Approaches
Paul LaChance Recourse to Psychology within Vocational Journey: Vatican II and Post-Conciliar Documents
Evaristus Ekwueme Beyond Inter Mirifica (Vatican II): A Lonerganian View of Information Technology
Ivo Coelho In Some Sense Transcendence or Supernatural: Making Sense of an Anomaly in Chapter 20 of Insight
Patrick Byrne The Unity of Science, the Universe, and Humanity for Teilhard and Lonergan
Christine Jamieson The Ethical Challenges of Medicine Today: Drawing on the Wisdom of Vatican 11
Michael Vertin The Lonergan Enterprise: What Is Its Future?