This year’s theme was, “Laudato Si’: Promise and Possibility”

Part 1
March 12, 2021 (Friday)
Book Launch of Everything is Interconnected: Towards a Globalization with a Human Face and an Integral Ecology

“Ecological Conversion after Laudato Si” (Presentation)
-Cristina Vanin
-Lucas Briola, Respondent

Part 2
March 13 (Saturday)
“Lonergan in an Evolutionary Worldview” (Panel)

-Thomas Hughson, SJ, “Ancients in Our Common Home: Lonergan, Doran, and Dialogue with Archaeology on Neanderthal Religion.”

-Benjamin Hohman, “Charity Broad Enough for Bears?: Three Models of God’s Relationship to (Non-Human) Creation”

Part 3
“Applications of Laudato Si with Lonergan” (Panel)

-Thomas McAuley, “Good morning Luke”

-Edward Dunar, “Integral Ecology and an Ecclesiology of Urban Life”

Contributor Title
Cristina Vanin Ecological Conversion after Laudato Si’
Thomas Hughson, SJ and Benjamin Hohman Lonergan in an Evolutionary Worldview
Thomas McAuley and Edward Dunar Applications of Laudato Si’ with Lonergan