Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI
The Art of Authentic Decision-Making

Contributor Title
Timothy Perron Rerouting Theories of Sex/Gender Toward Experience: Employing Science Studies Within the Structure of Lonergan’s Transcendental Method
Liam Farrer The Role of the First Phase of Functional Specialization in Helping White Americans Authentically Decide to Become Anti-Racist
Ryan Miller Principled Centrism in an Unprincipled Age
Patrick H. Byrne Master Class: Discernment and Self-Appropriation: Ignatius of Loyola and Bernard Lonergan, S.J.
John Steichen Towards a Lonerganian Notion of Mystical Consciousness
Hannah Ferguson Pope Francis’ Culture of Encounter as Psychic Conversion against the Globalization of Indifference
Robert Elliot How Decisions Pattern Experience
Nicholas Olkovich Lonergan and the Contemporary
Edward Sanchez Conversion and J.H. Newman
Dominic LaMantia Insight and Warrant: Lonergan and Plantinga on the Ground of Knowledge
A. Taiga Guterres Trauma and the Dialectic of Consciousness: Considerations for Our Cultural Way of Proceeding
Michael Rogers When Bernard Lonergan Saw Jesus on His Toast
Patrick Schmadeke The Practical Necessity of Lonergan’s Notion of Decision for an Authentic Engagement with Scripture
Lonergan Experts Brian Bajzek, Donna Perry, Elizabeth Murray, Eric Mabry, Gerry Whelan, SJ
Lonergan Experts Gordon Rixon, SJ, Joe Gordon, Joe Mudd, John Dadosky, Jonathan Bernier
Lonergan Experts Joseph Ogbonnaya, Karen Petersen Finch, Lucas Briola, Mark T Miller, Msgr Dick Liddy
Lonergan Experts Neil Ormerod, Robyn Boere, Shawnee Daniels-Sykes, Steve Cone, Thomas Hughson, SJ