Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI

Contributor Title
Benjamin Hohman The Glory to be Revealed: Emergent Probability and Eschatology in the Hope for New Creation
Travis Lacy (Not So) Distant Kin: Lonergan Bonaventure on the Primacy of Romance
Robert Van Alstyne Approaching the Relationship of Nature and the Supernatural through a Phenomenology of Prayer
Susan Gray Proceeding from Grace: Toward a new Heaven and a new Earth (M. Shawn Copeland Presentation)
Brian Bajzek Grace at the Margins, Conversion at the Cinema
Robyn Boere Bias and Choice in Medical Decision-Making for Children
Jonathan Heaps An Introspective Technique: Verifying Lonergan’s Reconstruction of Thomist Intellectual Psychology
Christopher Thomas Do Dreams Have a Theology? Psychic Conversion and Working with Dreams
Christopher Krall The Conscious Person: Where Science and Religion Converge
David Bently Hart Philosophy and Theology Between Today and Tomorrow
Stephen Ferguson The Wheel of Healing: Towards an Understanding of Lonergan’s Community of Healing
Eric Mabry Sacramentum et Res: Some Systematic Structures for Sacramental Theology Today
Ryan Hemmer Freedom, Meaning, and Religious Experience in the Development
Justin Schwartz Resacralizing Biblical Symbolism for the Masses: Lonergan’s Turn to Paul Ricoeur
Mathew Levering The Truth of Jesus’ Resurrection: Learning from Twentieth Century Catholic Theological Approaches
Chanelle Robinson Virgin, Holy, and Mother as Intersectional Realities: Revisiting the Marian Ecclesiology of Lumen Gentium
Joseph Ogbonnaya Constructing Theology for World Christianity