Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI

Contributor Title
Cecille M. Medina-Maldonado Overcoming Biases and Treating Female Infertility: NaPro Technology and Artificial Reproductive Technology
Benjamin J. Homan From Props to Players: Recognizing the Creaturely Cast in the Theodramatics of History
Ogonna Hilary Nwainya Bias Conversion and Recognition: Contextualizing Lonergan’s Theology in Post-Genocide Rwanda
David Justice Suffering as Conversion: White Supremacy in MLK’s Theology through the Lenses of Lonerganian Bias and Conversion
Zac Karanovich (Mis)Understood Values: Rural, White American and the Barriers to “Becoming Black”
Taylor Nutter Technology in the Classroom and Consumerism
Dr. Steven Cone “Bias” and “Conversion” in Lonergan’s Thought
Stephen Calme Seeking Communal Authenticity: Jose Medina’s Work as a Step Toward Lonergan Collective Responsibility
David Rohrer Budiash Dramatic Bias and “What you See Is All There Is”: A Conversation Between Daniel Kahneman and Bernard Lonergan
Liam Farrer “Together as On People”: Hearing God’s Call to Conversion from Clericalism to Solidarity
Dr. Juli Vazquez Krivsky Wisdom as Self-Surrender and our Identity in Christ
Dr. Jen Sanders A Theology of Bias, Conversation, and Conversion: Trinitarian Insights and Pedagogical and Liturgical Applications