Boston College

Contributor Title
Pat Byrne Tribute to Joe Flanagan
Robert M. Doran, SJ Functional Specialties for a World Theology
John Haughey The Brain and the Mind in a Friendly Universe
Armando Rugarcia The Two Judgements, The Two Metaphysics
Richard Grallo Cognitional Moral Self-Transcendence in Applied Psychology
Steven Cone Religious Conversion as Foundation for Reversing Decline
Mathew Petillo Identifying and Naming Religious Consciousness
Michael McCarthy An Ethics of Authenticity: Personal and Communal
William Mathews The Self in Dialogue with Society
R. J. Snell Sloth Transposed: The Friendless Universe
Francis McLaughlin John Rogers Commons: Are His Insights Important in Teaching Modern Labor Economics
Robin Koning The Knowing of the Acting Person: Wojtyla and Lonergan on the Human Person
Angel Lamuno Gonzalez Verbum Revisited
Patrick Byrne Intelligibility and Natural Science: Alienation or Friendship with the Universe
Donna J. Perry Beyond Negotiation: Combatants for Peace and Authentic Subjectivity in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Gilles Mongeau Dispatches from Cosmopolis: Faith, Human Formation, and the Love that Reasons
Paulette Kidder Cosmopolis and Cosmopolitanism
Chae Young Kim William James and Bernard Lonergan On Religious Conversion
Christian Krokus Examining Louis Massignon’s (1883-1962) Secret of History in the light of Lonergan’s Law of the Cross
Ivo Coelho SDB, Retrieving Good Work: De Smet on Sankara
John Dadosky Who/What is/are the Church(es)?
Grant Kaplan Widening the Dialectic: Secularity and Christianity in Conversation
Jeremy Wilkins My One Companion is Darkness: Light and Darkness in the Passion of Christ
Joseph Mudd Giving Thanks: Sacraments in a Friendly Universe
Paul LaChance The Development of Autonomy in a World Constituted by Meaning
William E. Murnion Aquinas on Faith and Reason
Maury Schepers The Structure of the Human Good: Getting It Right
Hilary Mooney Moral Self-Transcendence: Perspectives from Europe, Past and Present