Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles
The 27th Annual Fallon Memorial Lonergan Symposium

Contributor Title
Paul Kidder Finality And Healing: The Psychotherapeutic Practice Of Faith Smith
Elizabeth Murray Dimensions Of Lonergan’s Notion Of Moral Conversion
Amy Pauley Lonergan’s Account Of Satire And Humor
John Dadosky Lonergan, C. S. Lewis, And The Four Loves: Affection, Friendship, Eros
Michael Vertin The Moral Status Of Homosexual Behavior
Jonathan Heaps Sinfulness: On Our Trans-Natural Finitude
James Kilcup Lonergan And Dostoyevsky On The Problem Of Evil
Glenn Hughes The Most Frightening Sentence (To Me) In Insight
Cristina Vanin Toward An Ecological Age
Charles Tackney A Theology Of The Workplace: Japanese Industrial Relations And The Roman Catholic Social Question
Jen Sanders The Procedure Of The Summa Theologiae And The Ordo Doctrinae
Nick Olkovich Beyond Conceptualism And/Or Classicism: The Significance OF Lonergan’s Retrieval Of Aquinas’ Intellectualism
Matthew Peters The Hermeneutic, Dialectical, And Communicative Significance Of Lonergan’s Notion Of Viewpoints
Gregory Floyd Not-So-Basic Differences: The Convergence Of Lonergan And Husserl On Cognitive Striving
David Oyler Supervenience And Enablement
Francisco Galan Is Intentionality More Fundamental Than Linguistic Meaning? Apel, Searle, And Lonergan
Thomas McPartland Lord Of The Rings: Mystery, Freedom, And Destiny
Patrick Byrne What Is Moral Conversion?
Jeremy Blackwood Oversights And Insight In Forensic Science
Cyril Orji Lonergan And McShane On Political Economy
Neil Ormerod, Mark Doorley, Christian Jacobs-Vandegeer, Rohan Curnow Panel Discussion: The Structure Of Fundamental Theology
Hugo Meynell The Rational Theism Diagram
Jim Kanaris ‘Enecstatic’ Theorizing Religion: The Transcendental Gesture In A New Key
Gordon Rixon Charles Taylor And Lain Benson On Religious Pluralism And The Public Sphere
Patrick Brown The Dialectic Of Secularization
Robert M. Doran, SJ Rehabilitating And Transposing The Theorem Of The Supernatural: A First Installment
John Volk Foundations For Affirming Grace As A Social Reality
Juliana Vazquez Lonergan On Wisdom As A Gift Of The Holy Spirit: Our Graced Identity As Children Of God
James Marsh On Really Living