Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles
The 26th Annual Fallon Memorial Lonergan Symposium

Contributor Title
Patrick Byrne Personal Value, Moral Value, And History
David Oyler Experience And Consciousness
Francisco Galan Making It Explicit: Brandom’s Normative Pragmatics And Lonergan’s ‘Pragmatism’
John Dadosky Another Bias?
Elizabeth Murray Still Immortal: Lonergan And The Question Of Immortality
Michael Vertin Deliberative Insight Revisited
Jason King Feelings Revisited And Refined
Randall Rosenburg Incarnate Meaning And Mimetic Desire: Lonergan, Girard, And Theology Of The Saints
Daniel Helminiak, Barnet Feingold, Michael J. Donahue Clarifications About Authenticity For Application In The Social Sciences
Charles Tackney Early Returns: First Global Lonergan Survey
Ryan Miller The Diagram Is More Important Than Is Ordinarily Believed
Jeffrey Allen Lonergan’s Critique Of Knowing As Taking A Look And Its Applicability To Kant And Jacobi
Matthew Peters Lonergan, Hegel, And The Point About Viewpoints
Joseph Ogbonnaya The Integrity Of Cultural Values: Towards Integral Development Of Sub-Saharan Africa
Wayne Lott Natural Rights And Lonergan’s Scale Of Values
John Volk Lonergan And The Historical Causality Of Christ
Gregory Floyd Toward A Philosophy Of Education
Matthew Sanders Lonergan And Corn: The Industrial Food System And The Longer Cycle Of Decline
Jen Kendall A Nation With An Eating Disorder: America’s Food Culture And The Scale Of Values
Robert M. Doran, SJ, Neil Ormerod, Jeremy Blackwood, Juliana Vazquez Methodical Theology & The Four Point Hypothesis – Panel
Hugo Meynell Morality, Atheism, And Sam Harris
James Marsh Lonergan And Marx On Economics And Social Theory: Some Preliminary Reflections
Gordon Rixon Cultivation Of The Mind: Newman And Lonergan
James Duffy English As My Second Language: A Tribute To Phil McShane
Cyril Orji Lonergan And The Catholic Intellectual Tradition: A Look At The Contributions Of Phil McShane
Patrick Brown The Development Of Method, Page 250
Cynthia Crysdale Darwin, Finches, And The Galapagos: Emergent Probability Illustrated
Tom McPartland Perspectivism: Historicity, Praxis, And Functional Specialties
Glenn Hughes Ulterior Significance In The Art Of Bob Dylan
Philip McShane Functional Research