Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles
The 24th Annual Fallon Memorial Lonergan Symposium

Contributor Title
William Zanardi Expanding Lonergans Notion of Liberty
Mary Beth Yount Lonergan: Contemporary Research in Ethics, Religion, Politics, and Peace-Making
Thomas McPartland Politics and Metaphysics
Michael Vertin The Noumenal Import of Quantum Mechanics
David Oyler Holism and Complexity
Neil Ormerod Notes on Schemes of Recurrence
Daniel Mayer Implications of Implicit Definition
Andrew Beards Lonergan and Analytic Philosophy
Hugo Meynell Dressing Up the Counter-Positions: John Searle
Mathew Peters Questio Juris and Questio Facti as Points of Departure
James Marsh Rationality and Mystery in Lonergan
Hilary Mooney Revering Outreach: Hints at the Dynamic Structure of Consciousness in the Anthropology of the Eastern Fathers
Jeremy Blackwood Sanctifying Grace, Elevation, and the Fifth Level of Consciousness
Robert M. Doran, SJ The Four Entia Supernaturalia: Expanding the 1957 Hypothesis with Earlier Course Notes
Catherine King Education as Implementation
Lance Grigg Current Approaches to Critical Thinking
Glenn ‘Chip’ Hughes Artistic Differentiation of Consciousness
Emily Johnson Withdrawal for Return: Martin Heidegger and Bernard Lonergan on Art
John Dadosky The End of Aesthetic Experience? Insights from Shusterman and Lonergan
Jaime Barrera Parra Accounts of Incarnate Meaning
Concluding Discussion & Further Relevant Questions Can we have Insights into Insights