Seattle University
The 2010 Northwest Lonergan Symposium was held on Saturday, January 30, in room 321 of the Administration Building on the Seattle University campus. The general topic was ’the dialectic of history.'

Audio recordings of the proceedings were graciously supplied to the website by Professor Paul Kidder, Symposium organizer (pkidder@seattleu.edu). The program is as follows:

January 30th 9:30-10:45 - Peter Ely, S.J., ‘Hegelian Dialectic and Its Relevance to Lonergan.’ Fr. Peter Ely, who has long been a participant in the Northwest symposium, wrote his doctoral dissertation on Hegel.

January 30th 11:00-12:15 - Philip McShane, ‘An Update on Lonergan’s Economics.’ Professor McShane reviews some of the elements of Lonergan’s economics and provides an update on the work being done by scholars on this aspect of Lonergan’s thought.

January 30th 1:30-2:45 - Karen Petersen Finch, ‘Ecumenism and Epistemology.’ Professor Finch, of the Theology Department at Whitworth University, shares her dissertation work on the relevance of Lonergan to the current state of the ecumenical movement. She argues that this movement has lost some of its momentum because some of the epistemological assumptions of the dialogue partners have not been faced, and that Lonergan can be helpful in meeting this problem.

Contributor Title
Peter Ely, S. J. Hegelian Dialectic and Its Relevance to Lonergan
Philip McShane An Update on Lonergan’s Economics
Karen Petersen Finch Ecumenism and Epistemology