Marquette University
The fifth annual Colloquium on ‘Doing Catholic Systematic Theology in a Multi-religious World’ was held at Marquette University, November 7-8 2013. The purpose was to launch a collaborative project in Systematic Theology. The project is coordinated by Darren Dias, University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto, and Neil Ormerod, Australian Catholic University.
On November 7, Robert Doran delivered the annual Doerr Lecture, ‘The Structure of Systematic Theology,’ which expresses something of the inspiration behind the project. On November 8, the morning session was devoted to a panel discussion on issues raised in Doran’s lecture, including the list and order of topics in a new systematics. The discussion will influence changes in the list and order presented in Doran’s paper. The afternoon session on November 8 consisted largely of a Skype presentation by Neil Ormerod of his paper, “The Grace-Nature Distinction and the Future of Systematic Theology,” and a discussion with Professor Ormerod on his paper.

The proceedings of the colloquium presented here include:

(1) a PDF of Doran’s paper, ‘The Structure of Systematic Theology,’ in the form in which it was delivered; note again that the list and order of topics will be modified, based on the discussion on the morning of November 8;

(2) 13-FC1: a recording of Doran’s lecture from audio file: 131107-000);

(3) 13-FC2: a recording of the panel discussion on the morning of November 8 (from audio file 131108-000); panelists include Darren Dias (coordinator), John Dadosky, Joseph Mudd, Randall Rosenberg, Susan Wood, Jeremy Blackwood, Joseph Ogbonnaya, Juliana Vazquez, Joe Gordon, Jonathan Heaps, Brian Bajzek, Bryan Massingale, and Ryan Hemmer;

(4) 13-FC3: an audio recording of the Skype session with Neil Ormerod and discussion led by Jeremy Blackwood(from audio file 131108-002).

Audio recordings by Greg Lauzon.

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Robert M. Doran, SJ The Structure of Systematic Theology
Panel Panel Discussion
Neil Ormerod Skype Interview