St. Louis, Missouri
The initial meeting of the interest group on the thought of Bernard Lonergan at the Catholic Theological Society of America met on June 9, 2012, at the Hyatt Regency St Louis at the Arch, St. Louis, Missouri. The theme of the overall conference was "Sacraments and the Global Church." The interest group attempted to stay within this theme.

John Dadosky, Regis College, Toronto, convened the session. Mark Miller, University of San Francisco, was the moderator. The speakers were:

Joseph Mudd from Seattle University, "What Is Conscious Participation? Bernard Lonergan's Contribution to a Liturgical Hermeneutics"

Darren Dias from St. Michael's College, Toronto,"Sacrametality and the Multireligious Context," and Robert M. Doran from Marquette University, "The Structure of Systematic Theology."

Contributor Title
Joseph Mudd What Is Conscious Participation? Bernard Lonergan’s Contribution to a Liturgical Hermeneutics
Darren Dias Sacrametality and the Multireligious Context
Robert M. Doran The Structure of Systematic Theology
Audio Recording The Thought of Bernard Lonergan Interest Group CTSA, June 9, 2012