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This is the second of two volumes containing early writings of Robert Doran, published in 1995 by Marquette University Press. This volume contains the following essays:

Part One: Transitional Essays
1 Report on a Work in Progress
2 From Psychic Conversion to the Dialectic of Community
3 Psychic Conversion and Spiritual Development
4 Duality and Dialectic
5 Jung and Catholic Theology

Part Two: Social and Cultural Dimensions of Foundations
6 Theological Grounds for a World-cultural Humanity
7 Suffering Servanthood and the Scale of Values
8 Theology's Situation: Questions to Eric Voegelin
9 Bernard Lonergan: An Appreciation
10 Common Ground
11 Cosmopolis and the Situation: A Preface to Systematics and Communications
12 Education for Cosmopolis

Part Three: Hermeneutics and Foundations
13 Self-knowledge and the Interpretation of Imaginal Expression
14 Psychic Conversion and Lonergan's Hermeneutics

Part Four: Systematic Theology
15 The Analogy of Dialectic and the Systematics of History