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This is the first of two volumes of Doran's early writings published by Marquette University Press in 1995. This volume contains the following essays:

1 Paul Ricoeur: Toward the Restoration of Meaning
2 Psychic Conversion
3 Subject, Psyche, and Theology's Foundations
4 Aesthetics and the Opposites
5 Christ and the Psyche
6 The Theologian's Psyche: Notes toward a Reconstruction of Depth Psychology
7 Dramatic Artistry in the Third Stage of Meaning
8 Insight and Archetype: The Complementarity of Lonergan and Jung
9 Aesthetic Subjectivity and Generalized Empirical Method
10 Psyche, Evil, and Grace
11 Jungian Psychology and Lonergan's Foundations: A Methodological Proposal
12 Jungian Psychology and Christian Spirituality I: Christian Spiritual Transformation: Self-transcendence and Self-appropriation
13 Jungian Psychology and Christian Spirituality 22: The Jungian Psychology of Individuation
14 Jungian Psychology and Christian Spirituality III: Psychology and Grace
15 Primary Process and the 'Spiritual Unconscious'
16 Affect, Affectivity