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This volume contains the proceedings of the 2008 conference at the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies, Naples, (13-15 May 2008)on 'Going Beyond Essentialism: Bernard J.F. Lonergan An Atypical Neo-Scholastic. The volume was published by the Institute this summer, and the President, Advocate Gerardo Marotta, has graciously granted permission for the book to be uploaded to this website. Audio recordings of the proceedings by Greg Lauzon will also be uploaded shortly.


Saturnino Muratore – Presentation of the Volume - 9

Gerardo Marotta – Opening Address: The Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici and the Thought of Bernard Lonergan - 17

Carlo Maria Cardinal Martini – Magisterial Lecture: The Value of the Thought of Bernard Lonergan Today - 21

Robert M. Doran – The Abiding Significance of the Ethics of INSIGHT - 25

Frederick G. Lawrence – Lonergan's Sublation of Integral Hermeneutics - 39

Rosanna Finamore – Intentionality, Constitutive Dimension of Knowledge in Bernard Lonergan - 57

Patrick H. Byrne – Lonergan's Philosophy of the Natural Sciences and Christian Faith in INSIGHT - 81

William Mathews – Consciousness according to Bernard Lonergan and Its Elusiveness - 101

Elizabeth A. Murray – The Self of Critical Realism - 123

Matthew C. Ogilvie – Bernard Lonergan on Analogy - 139

Giovanni B. Sala – The Concept of Transcendental in Kant and Lonergan - 147

Saturnino Muratore – Bernard Lonergan and the Philosophy of Being - 175

Hugo A. Meynell – The Flight from Insight - 183

Cloe Taddei-Ferretti – Intersubjectivity in the Thought of Bernard Lonergan and in Cognitive Science - 191

Ivo Coelho – Bernard Lonergan's Universal Viewpoint and Its Transcultural Possibilities - 215

Catherine E. Clifford – Lonergan, the Development of Doctrine and the Reception of Ecumenical Consensus - 243

Howard Richards – Economic Paradigms and the Thought of Bernard Lonergan - 259

Paulette Kidder – Lonergan, Freedom and the Foundations of Feminism, 273

Adolfo Russo –, Closing Address: The Significance of Bernard Lonergan for Academic Studies - 281

Carla Miggiano-di Scipio – Reminiscences and Impressions about the First Italian Translation of INSIGHT of Bernard Lonergan - 285

Gerard Whelan – "One cannot Transpose What One Does Not Know": Outline of a Proposed Course in Fundamental Theology - 295

Giusseppe Guglielmi – Quest for Meaning, and Religious Indifference: The Foundational Theology of Lonergan - 303

Ermenegildo Caccese – Observations on Lonergan's Contribution to the Philosophy of Time and Space - 311

Edoardo Cibelli – Free Will according to B. Lonergan and B. Libet - 321

Jim Morin – Conscious Intentionality as Foundation for a Transdisciplinary Science - 331

Concert – Drummond Petrie, Cello - 339

Cloe Taddei-Ferretti – Appendix: Lonergan and Music - 341

Contributors - 343

Index of Names - 353