Nov 02-03, 2011
Lonergan Colloquium 2011
Marquette University

Available contributions from this conference:
  1. Robert M. Doran, 'As the Father Has Sent Me:' The Mission of the Church in a Multireligious World
  2. Darren Dias, Maury Schepers, Jeremey Blackwood, Response to Robert M. Doran
  3. Susan Wood, Solidarity in Grace: The Salvation of Non-Christians
  4. Jakob K. Rinderknecht, Danielle Nussberger, Juliana Vazquez, Response to Susan K. Wood
  5. John D. Dadosky, Ecclesia de Trinitate: Ecclesial Foundations from Above
  6. Thomas Hughson, Anne M. Carpenter, John Volk, Response to John D. Dadosky
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