Apr 28-30, 2011
West Coast Methods Institute
Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles

The 26th Annual Fallon Memorial Lonergan Symposium

Available contributions from this conference:
  1. Patrick Byrne, Personal Value, Moral Value, And History
  2. David Oyler, Experience And Consciousness
  3. Francisco Galan, Making It Explicit: Brandom's Normative Pragmatics And Lonergan's 'Pragmatism'
  4. John Dadosky, Another Bias?
  5. Elizabeth Murray, Still Immortal: Lonergan And The Question Of Immortality
  6. Michael Vertin, Deliberative Insight Revisited
  7. Jason King, Feelings Revisited And Refined
  8. Randall Rosenburg, Incarnate Meaning And Mimetic Desire: Lonergan, Girard, And Theology Of The Saints
  9. Daniel Helminiak, Barnet Feingold, Michael J. Donahue, Clarifications About Authenticity For Application In The Social Sciences
  10. Charles Tackney, Early Returns: First Global Lonergan Survey
  11. Ryan Miller, The Diagram Is More Important Than Is Ordinarily Believed
  12. Jeffrey Allen, Lonergan's Critique Of Knowing As Taking A Look And Its Applicability To Kant And Jacobi
  13. Matthew Peters, Lonergan, Hegel, And The Point About Viewpoints
  14. Joseph Ogbonnaya, The Integrity Of Cultural Values: Towards Integral Development Of Sub-Saharan Africa
  15. Wayne Lott, Natural Rights And Lonergan's Scale Of Values
  16. John Volk, Lonergan And The Historical Causality Of Christ
  17. Gregory Floyd, Toward A Philosophy Of Education
  18. Matthew Sanders, Lonergan And Corn: The Industrial Food System And The Longer Cycle Of Decline
  19. Jen Kendall, A Nation With An Eating Disorder: America's Food Culture And The Scale Of Values
  20. Robert Doran, Neil Ormerod, Jeremy Blackwood, Juliana Vazquez, Methodical Theology & The Four Point Hypothesis -- Panel
  21. Hugo Meynell, Morality, Atheism, And Sam Harris
  22. James Marsh, Lonergan And Marx On Economics And Social Theory: Some Preliminary Reflections
  23. Gordon Rixon, Cultivation Of The Mind: Newman And Lonergan
  24. James Duffy, English As My Second Language: A Tribute To Phil McShane
  25. Cyril Orji, Lonergan And The Catholic Intellectual Tradition: A Look At The Contributions Of Phil McShane
  26. Patrick Brown, The Development Of Method, Page 250
  27. Cynthia Crysdale, Darwin, Finches, And The Galapagos: Emergent Probability Illustrated
  28. Tom McPartland, Perspectivism: Historicity, Praxis, And Functional Specialties
  29. Glenn Hughes, Ulterior Significance In The Art Of Bob Dylan
  30. Philip McShane, Functional Research
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