Jan 08-09, 2007
Dramatic Theology Workshop
Innsbruck, Austria

The theological faculty of the University of Innsbruck graciously hosted a number of the participants from the Mainz International Lonergan Workshop at the beginning of January, 2007, for an additional Workshop relating the Dramatic Theology of Raymond Schwager and his students to the work of Bernard Lonergan.

The recorded proceedings of this Workshop are presented here. Recordings and audio restoration are the work of Greg Lauzon.

Available contributions from this conference:
  1. Nikolaus Wandinger, Dramatic Theology and Lonergan’s Method
  2. Otto Muck SJ and Gilles Mongeau SJ, Theology and Philosophy: The Legacy of the Transcendental Method
  3. Fred Lawrence, Theology in a Political Mode
  4. Robert Doran, SJ, The Starting Point of Systematic Theology
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