Jun 19-24, 2005
Lonergan Workshop, 2005
Boston College

Available contributions from this conference:
  1. John C. Haughey, SJ, The Charism of Bernard Lonergan and Vatican II's Aggiornamento
  2. Phyllis Wallbank, Helping the Young to Know Themselves, Love the Uniqueness of others, and Appreciate the World
  3. Victor Clore, Revolution in Roman Catholic Theology?
  4. Nikolaus Wandinger, Irreformable but Incomplete: Insights about Ecclesial Infallibilty from R. Schwager's Dramatic Theology and B. Lonergan's Theological Method
  5. James Marsh, Self-Appropriation as a Way of Life
  6. Phillip Berryman, History, Freedom, and the Poor: The Theology of Jose Comblin
  7. Andrea Bartoli, Preventing Genocide?
  8. Raymond Lafontaine, Lonergan's Functional Specialties as a Model for Doctrinal Development: John Courtney Murray and Vatican II's Declaration on Religious Freedom
  9. Paul Caringella, Ecce Homo: The Vision of the Human in Voegelin and Girard
  10. Thomas McPartland, Democracy and Critical Culture
  11. Paul Kidder, Eric Voegelin's Philosophical Hermeneutic
  12. Paul Caringella, Thomas McPartland and Paul Kidder, Caringella, McPartland and Kidder Q&A
  13. Robert M. Doran SJ, Lonergan and Girard on Sacralization and Desacralization
  14. Glen "Chip" Hughes, "No means of safety but love": Studying the Classics
  15. John Ranieri, How Girard Helped Me Understand Lonergan
  16. Paul Bruno, Lonergan and the Ethics of Everyday Life
  17. Kenneth Melchin, Insight, Conflict and Justice
  18. John Ranieri, Paul Bruno, Kenneth Melchin, Ranieri, Bruno, Melchin Q&A
  19. Gordon Rixon, SJ, The Grammar and Rhetoric of Assent: Re-Inventing Lonergan's "Dialectic of Authority"
  20. Paulette Kidder, Progress and Decline: Catholicism in Dialogue with Contemporary Bioethics
  21. Paul St. Amour, Cosmology and Human Significance
  22. Gilles Mongeau, SJ, Recovering a Lost Tradition: The Law of the Cross
  23. Paulette Kidder, Paul St Amour, Gilles Mongeau, Kidder, St Amour, Mongeau, Q&A
  24. Panel, Panel on Vatican II, Benedict XVI and the Future of the Church
  25. Paul Caringella and David I. Tresan, Lonergan, Doran and Jung (parts 1-4)
  26. Paul Caringella and David I. Tresan, Lonergan, Doran and Jung (parts 5-8)
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