Jun 14-18, 2004
Lonergan Workshop 2004
Boston College

Available contributions from this conference:
  1. Moira Carley, Creativity and Consciousness: The Creative Self Coming to Be
  2. Charles Hefling, Another Perhaps Permanently Valid Achievement: Lonergan on Christ's (Self-) Knowledge
  3. Frank Braio, Incidental Reflections on the Situation, Global Responsibility, Lonergan: Lonergan's "Natural Right and Historical Mindedness"
  4. Marc Lepain, Pierre Manent and the Church and the City of Man
  5. Robert Doran, SJ, "Complicate the Structure": Notes on a Forgotten Precept
  6. Andrew von Hendy, Reading from a Memoir
  7. Gordon Rixon, SJ, Adorning Pathways of Transcendence: Engaging Loyola's Spiritual Rhetoric to Appreciate Lonergan's Intellectual Project
  8. Ravi Michael Lewis, SJ, Philosophical Orexis and Theological Spirit: A Preliminary Exploration of (Cosmological, Anthropological, and Soteriological) Constitutive Meaning
  9. William Murnion, The Ethics of Peace: A Postmodern Christian Perspective
  10. Brian Cronin, CSSp, Judgments of Value: Where They Come From
  11. Kathleen Williams, Friendly Authenticity in a Fractured World: On the Way to Peace
  12. Andrea Bartoli, Learning about Peace
  13. Hugo Meynell, The Heuristics of Self-Interested Power
  14. Patrick Byrne, Outer Peace, Inner Peace: Authenticity in Feelings and Personal Relations
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