Jun 16-20, 2003
Lonergan Workshop, 2003
Boston College

Available contributions from this conference:
  1. Michael McCarthy, Liberalism and the Human Good
  2. Joseph Fitzpatrick, The Good as an Essential Component of the Aesthetic: Reflections on Lonergan and Leavis
  3. David Burrell, Finding Paths to Hope in a World Gone Mad
  4. Bernard McGinn, Knowing and Unknowing God: The Epistemologies of Eckhart and Aquinas Compared
  5. John Haughey, The Transcendentals as Callers
  6. Ken Melchin, Rethinking Democratic Living
  7. John Haughey and Ken Melchin, John Haughey and Ken Melchin Q&A
  8. Glenn "Chip" Hughes, Dignity and Degradation: The Good Under Destruction
  9. Robert Doran, SJ, Presentations and Elemental Meaning: An Expansion of the Notion of Psychic Conversion
  10. William Mathews, SJ, On Becoming Oneself: Some Lessons from Lonergan's Life
  11. Paulette Kidder, Cross-cultural Judgments of the Human Good: The Debate over Capability Ethics
  12. William Murnion, Lonergan's Christology and Trinitarian Theology Today
  13. Shawn Copeland, Civil Courage and the Good
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