Boston College
36th Annual Lonergan Workshop
21-26 June 2009

  1. Gerard Walmsley, รขโฌล“Creative Collaborator: Polymorphism/ Mutual Mediation and Functional Specializationรขโฌย

  2. John Haughey, รขโฌล“Where is Knowing Going?รขโฌย

  3. Armando Rugarcia, รขโฌล“Toward an Ethics of the Authentic Subjectรขโฌย

  4. Eugene Ahner, รขโฌล“Make a Life, Not just a Living รขโฌโ€ Business Is a Human Scienceรขโฌย

  5. Dominic Doyle, รขโฌล“The Collaborative Vision of Christian Humanism: An Evolution of Lonerganรขโฌโขs Contributionรขโฌย

  6. Richard Liddy, รขโฌล“A Catholic Core: The Curriculum in a Catholic University Todayรขโฌย

  7. Gordon Rixon, รขโฌล“The Ignatian Presupposition as a Methodological Ground for Collaborationรขโฌย

  8. Ivo Coelho, :Person and Subject in Lonergan: A Methodical Transpositionรขโฌย

  9. Michael Stebbins, รขโฌล“Critical Thinking Techniques: What They Provide and What They Overlookรขโฌย

  10. Kenneth Melchin, รขโฌล“Lonergan and the Social Sciences: Some Preliminary Reflectionsรขโฌย

  11. Paul St. Amour, รขโฌล“Situating Lonerganรขโฌโขs Economics in a Context of Collaborationรขโฌย

  12. Michael McCarthy, รขโฌล“Authentic Faith in a Secular Ageรขโฌย

  13. Kathleen Williams, รขโฌล“Conversion as Foundational in Theology : A Conversation between Bernard SJ and Rosemary Haughtonรขโฌย

  14. John Dadosky, รขโฌล“Woman without Envy: Re-covering the Immaculate Conceptionรขโฌย

  15. Mark Morelli, รขโฌล“Consciousness Is Not an Operationรขโฌย

  16. William Murnion, รขโฌล“Lonerganรขโฌโขs The Incarnate Word and The Triune God: Models of Theological Method as Interdisciplinaryรขโฌย

  17. Jeremy Wilkins, รขโฌล“‘The Silence of Eternity, Interpreted by Loveรขโฌโข: Love and Knowledge of God in Christ the Manรขโฌย

  18. Natalino Spaccapelo, รขโฌล“St. Paul and Bernard Lonergan Quote Aristotleรขโฌย

  19. Jennifer Clark รขโฌล“Two Lungs or Two Diverging Roads?รขโฌย

  20. Peter Corbishly, รขโฌล“Aristotle, M.A.K. Halliday and Lonergan: Towards a General Theory of Language for Language Teachersรขโฌย

  21. Brian McDonough, รขโฌล“Catholic Social Doctrine and Self-Appropriationรขโฌย

  22. William Mathews, รขโฌล“On Memoir, Biography, and the Dynamism of Consciousnessรขโฌย

  23. Glen ‘Chip’ Hughes, รขโฌล“Differentiation and its Discontentsรขโฌย
    Presenter: Glen รขโฌหChipรขโฌโข Hughes

  24. Patrick Byrne, รขโฌล“What is an Evolutionary Explanation?-Darwin and Lonerganรขโฌย

  25. David Burrell, รขโฌล“On Paulรขโฌโขs Intellectual Formation in Tarsusรขโฌย

  26. Robert Luby, รขโฌล“Method in Medicine for the Age of Syndromes and Genomesรขโฌย

  27. Lauren Weis, รขโฌล“How Lonergan’s Thought May be Able to Help Mediate Valid Concerns about Gender Biasรขโฌย

  28. Cutberto Garza, รขโฌล“Raising the Bar: An International Growth Standard for Infants and Young Childrenรขโฌย

  29. Robert M. Doran, รขโฌล“Sanctifying Grace, Charity, and Divine Indwelling: A Key to the Nexus Mysterioriumรขโฌย

  30. Charles Tackney, รขโฌล“Asian Anticipations of Relations Systems after World War II - Evidence of Conversion and Workplace Evangelizationรขโฌย

  31. Lucio Guasti, รขโฌล“Education and Curriculum in Topics in Educationรขโฌย

  32. Luca Badini รขโฌล“The Critical Use of Socio-political Categories in Ecclesiologyรขโฌย

  33. William George, รขโฌล“International Law as Horizonรขโฌย

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